Are you looking for a climbing wall manufacturer?

You are in the right place! We have been building climbing walls and climbing gyms since 1985. Discover our tips and advice to build a brilliant climbing gym.

Villeneuve, Switzerland

We build climbing gyms

Our climbing gyms are entirely dedicated to climbing in all its forms (lead, bouldering, and speed). They are suitable for all types of climbers (children to adults, beginners to experts).

Our climbing gyms are irrespective of owners' aims (fun, fitness, and/or competition) and suit climber's abilities.

The climbing gym of your dreams, that fits your needs

Our designs fit your requirements, the specificities of the buildings, while following the trends. With almost 40 years of experience and more than 6,000 projects completed worldwide, we know how to accompany you in your project.

Also, You will validate your project on the basis of a very realistic 3D design.


Our tips for a successful climbing gym!

Climbing gyms require a high degree of flexibility and versatility so that all types of routes can be set and updated:

  • Varied profile (slab, vertical, overhang, ledges for mantling, etc.) to cater to a range of skill levels and provide a gradual increase in difficulty
  • Training area – campus boards and/or system boards

Diversity and originality are also key factors in attracting large numbers of climbers:

  • We can offer unique designs, in line with your image!
  • Integration of your animal totem is possible for a boulder
  • Name your climbing areas on a specific theme

Climbing gyms can accommodate a varied audience, from beginner or very young climbers to climbing professionals:

  • A children's zone will attract whole families. Isolating the children's zone will make it safer.
  • Think of dedicated areas (like a mezzanine) to organize climbing lessons for a wide audience.
  • High walls with a variety of profiles will attract more experienced climbers and even professional climbers.

Organise events:

  • Reception, rest, and viewing areas
  • Internal or local competitions to entertain your members.
  • Depending on your available space, we can provide walls to host national or international level competitions (IFSC certified).

A 360° project with EP Climbing

Our expertise does not only stop at the construction of climbing halls. We have a large range of services & accessories. Check it out!

Discover our brand EP Holds! We have a large range of holds and volumes.

We can also take care of your route setting, prior to the opening of your hall, or on request. The route setting must be done with great care. Be careful to update and vary, as this is often considered to reflect the quality of a climbing facility.

For route setting by a professional athlete or an international setter, contact our service department.

The maintenance of the walls and the PPE are obligatory manipulations, to be carried out every year. We have a specially trained team dedicated to this.


A few times a month we will send out newsletters updating you with the latest industry and EP relevant news and our last holds promotions! Stay in touch!

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