Audit Compliance & Upgrade

Audit Compliance & Upgrade

Is your climbing wall compliant with current safety standards? Each EP Climbing technician is specialised in construction and an expert in working at height. They work closely with our technical design team to determine the best compliance solutions for your project type and budget.


Is your climbing wall compliant with current safety standards?

Climbing wall compliance with safety standards changes over time due to regular wear and tear. Compliance audits are performed on site by EP Climbing's specialised team of technicians, trained in the most advanced construction techniques to ensure that each structure is up to date.

Our in-house technical design team analyses all measurements to provide a detailed report, comparing the standard applicable to your climbing facility with current safety standards, as well as quoting for any required compliance upgrades, if necessary.

If the construction date of your climbing wall is unknown or no documentation is available, the auditor will use the current standard as a point of reference.



If a compliance upgrade is required after an audit or maintenance visit, the EP Climbing technical design team is available to determine the best solutions for your project type and budget.

1. Normative compliance upgrade

A parallel is drawn between the standard in force when the climbing facility was built and the current standard.

Two different types of quote are possible:

  • A quote according to the standard applicable to the climbing wall
  • A quote according to the current standard

They may include recommendations to:

  • Correct safety-point heights
  • Change hold fixings
  • Establish a technical register
  • Correct landing zones
  • Improve the framework

2. Revamp the structure

We can make suggestions to revamp your structure such as:

  • Replace resin panels with wood panels
  • Paint panels
  • Create new safety lines
  • Extend the height or width

Our team can help you make minor changes or major improvements. We will provide you with proof of compliance documentation when the work is completed.



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