Inspection and Maintenance

Inspection and Maintenance

Appropriate maintenance of your climbing wall guarantees user safety and durable equipment.

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EP Climbing recommends the annual maintenance of our climbing walls to ensure optimal and sustainable safety.

The NF EN 12572 and NF S 52-400 standards and maintenance guide, issued by the pertinent French authorities (FIFAS) and FFME, require that manufacturers specify the frequency of inspections and maintenance of equipment they install.

A two-in-one service: EP Climbing provides an inspection service with operational maintenance.

  • Level 1 and 2 inspections can be carried out by any person appointed by the climbing structure supervisor and recognised as competent for the task such as a technician, gym, or club manager.
  • Level 3 inspections must be carried out by qualified and trained professionals.

Level 1

Daily visual inspection to identify obvious hazards resulting from vandalism, misuse, or weather conditions.

Level 2

Functional inspection every 1 to 3 months for conditions of use and signs of wear.

Level 3

  • Inspection of the technical register for the climbing structure: this must be provided by the manufacturer and contain all the required information including calculations, installation report, compliance notice, and the user and maintenance guide.
  • On-site technician visits include inspection of the overall safety and operational maintenance of the structure, climbing surfaces, and the surrounding environment.
  • A detailed report of actions taken during the visit.
  • A proposal for corrective action if necessary.


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