Amazing climbing gim located in Herisau, Switzerland, which includes MozaiK and Mozaik XP technologies

We are delighted to present to you our most recent success: the Herisau Kletterhalle Project. This awesome project was completed by EP and took place in Switzerland. It consisted of an area of 3,456 m² of climbable surface and was completed in 2022. The centre opened its doors to welcome the public on 09 September 2022, right on schedule!

We are beyond proud to announce that the clients chose us for the quality of our service and because our assurance of safety trumps all others! For a project of this magnitude, the client could not choose anyone else but us!

Together with Property Owners, Peter Kern and Johnny Schelker, we collaborated and designed the centre from start to finish, including the clients in the process every single step of the way. We really like to include the clients on the journey and involve them as much as possible. We successfully completed each stage of the project, ensuring the complete design of the centre, the installation of the indoor and outdoor areas as well as the Clip ‘n Climb leisure section. We also provided the clients with an array of other services offered by EP, such as Maintenance, Trublue, and Climbing Holds.

What’s even more important is that the clients appreciated our level of professionality and the quality of our services and stated that the whole process ran as smoothly as they could have hoped for. Suffice it to say, they were very happy with the result and so were we!

This project answers to the needs of the whole community of climbers, bringing climbing to everyone.



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