Primary School Walls

Primary School Walls

Adding a climbing wall to your school or university is an original way to diversify your physical education programme, providing an alternative to traditional team sports.

Are you looking to expand your primary school’s sports equipment, or add some variety to your pupils’ playground activities? 

Over 7,300 schools and colleges have trusted EP Climbing to build their climbing wall so far. We’ll work with you to design, produce, and install a bespoke primary school climbing wall that meets the needs of your pupils. You choose the style you’d like, and we’ll take it from there.

We can even match the colours of your school climbing wall to your branding – and add a school emblem or crest to boost your students’ sense of belonging.

Enhance Your School's Physical Education Programme with Artificial Climbing Walls

Introducing children to climbing is above all an excellent way to develop their motor skills. They learn how to become aware of their body on the wall and to understand movements that are new to them.

Climbing is an introduction to setting simple goals, such as getting to the top of the wall, or traversing from one side of the wall to the other.

Learning how to climb at a very young age is the best way for a child to progress quickly.

EP Climbing recommends the following climbing walls for primary school students:

Traverse walls

Traverse walls

Climbing horizontally rather than vertically, known as ‘traversing’, students are never more than a few feet away from the ground. As such, traverse walls are perfect for younger pupils to play and learn basic climbing skills.

Needing very little space, traverse walls offer great flexibility in where they can be installed. We can build your primary school traverse wall indoors or outdoors, and either free-standing or mounted to an existing wall, depending on your preferences.

Playground boulders

Playground boulders

Perfect for playgrounds, free-standing boulders replicate natural rocks, providing a more natural and adventurous feel to climbing within your school’s grounds. Boulders offer 360-degree climbing, with the possibility for students to climb on top if they’re feeling brave – however like traverse walls, pupils will never be too far from the ground.

Made from resin, boulders are built to withstand the elements of the Great British weather.


EP Climbing produces not only climbing walls, but also the holds, macros, and volumes needed to create fun and testing challenges for your students.

As an International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) Authorised Producer, you can rest assured that our holds are of the utmost quality. In addition to providing you with climbing holds, our specialist route setters can create tailored challenges for your school climbing walls.

Interested in adding a climbing wall to your primary school?


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