PPE Inspection

PPE Inspection

EP Climbing are experts in Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) inspection. We can monitor the wear and tear of your equipment in compliance with current safety standards.

EP Climbing are experts in Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) inspection. We are available to monitor the wear and tear of your equipment in compliance with current safety standards. Personal protective equipment must be checked at least every 12 months. It is mandatory to have your equipment checked annually by competent persons. It is required to record the verification of PPE, equipment, and installations in the Safety Register.

Personal protection equipment is an essential aspect of artificial wall climbing. The personal protection equipment serves as a barrier between the climber and the climbing surface, preventing injury in the event of a fall or contact with the wall. It also protects the climber from cuts and abrasions from rough or sharp edges. A helmet is advised to protect the head from impact in case of a fall, and harnesses are used to secure the climber to the wall to prevent a fall from occurring. The use of gloves also protects the hands from calluses, blisters, and cuts, which can be common in climbing. In conclusion, personal protection equipment is vital to ensure the safety and well-being of climbers while they are engaged in artificial wall climbing.

Lifecycle of PPE Equipment

PPE inspections are necessary to ensure climber safety. Our team will help you set up the appropriate systems needed to manage the equipment correctly:

1. Identify an equipment manager

2. Follow manufacturer instructions

3. Mark equipment to track each piece individually or by batch

4. Keep a register of all equipment records

5. Establish routine inspections

6. Provide an annual compliance inspection

It is highly recommended that Personal Protection Equipment PPE is inspected before and after each use.

EP Climbing refers to the European standard which is updated regularly.

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