Secondary School Walls

Secondary School Walls

Adding a climbing wall to your school or university is an original way to diversify your physical education programme, providing an alternative to traditional team sports.

Are you looking to expand your secondary school’s sports equipment, or broaden the number of sports available to your students? 

Climbing can be both mentally and physically stimulating for your pupils, increasing overall fitness as part of a PE programme or after school club, and improving skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving.

Over 7,300 schools and colleges have trusted EP Climbing to build their climbing wall so far. We’ll work with you to design, produce, and install a bespoke secondary school climbing wall that meets the needs of your pupils. Whether you’re a state school or an independent school, you just need to choose the style you’d like, and we’ll take it from there.

We can even match the colours of your school climbing wall to your branding – and add a high school emblem or crest to boost your students’ sense of belonging.

Enhance Your School's Physical Education Programme with Artificial Climbing Walls

Teaching climbing to a young audience is effective for the development of motor skills and helping children to learn to focus on a goal. It is also an opportunity for children to start working in teams, supporting and encouraging each other.

The practice of indoor climbing on traverse walls or top rope walls can be introduced in an attractive way with fun, colourful, and original wall designs.

EP Climbing recommends the following climbing walls for secondary school students:

Bouldering walls

Bouldering walls

Bouldering combines balance, strength, and technique to complete a short but challenging sequence of moves, known as ‘problems’. A sociable form of climbing, bouldering is great for group sessions, as well as solo for more competent students. As with roped climbing, the difficulty of your school bouldering wall can be adapted based on the capabilities of your pupils.

At around 4 metres high, bouldering walls are an ideal solution for spaces without a great deal of height. No ropes or harnesses are used in bouldering and as such, thick safety matting is required at the foot of the wall.

Roped climbing walls

Roped climbing walls

Roped climbing walls allow your students to climb as high as possible with the comfort and safety of a rope, enabling them to push their skills and abilities without being held back by the prospect of falling. The use of ropes likewise makes challenges accessible to all, with climbing difficulty varying from beginner to more complex depending on the needs of your pupils.

Requiring a minimum height of 6-10 metres, roped walls are typically installed at one end of a school multi-sports hall.

Roped walls may be used for either top rope or leading, with the added option of being equipped with TRUBLUE auto belays – to enable climbers to ascend without the need for a partner.


Holds, volumes & macros

Holds, volumes & macros

EP Climbing produces not only climbing walls, but also the holds, macros, and volumes needed to create fun and testing challenges for your students.

As an International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) Authorised Producer, you can rest assured that our holds are of the utmost quality. In addition to providing you with climbing holds, our specialist route setters can create tailored challenges for your school climbing walls.

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Maintenance service

Maintenance service

Aside from manufacturing your secondary school climbing wall, our dedicated team will also take care of your annual maintenance, ensuring that your school’s walls are fit for purpose and giving both parents and teachers peace of mind that pupils are climbing under safe conditions.

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