Climbing Mats

Climbing Mats

Safety flooring solutions for climbing walls

Why are Climbing Mats Required?

Climbing mats ensure the safety of climbers when falling. Whether it's for a roped climbing wall or a bouldering wall, EP Climbing has the safety matting to suit your needs.

Climbing Mats for Roped Walls:

  • Our 5.5cm mat is compact and hard-wearing to ensure climber safety during low falls.
  • The 10cm mat with bi-density foam provides more cushioning and is highly recommended for intense lead climbing walls.

To make sure your mats stay in place when climbing, a non-slip surface can be added to the bottom of the mats. Lifting straps can also be added to  allow for the mat to be raised and fixed against the wall when not in use.

Climbing Mats for Bouldering Walls:

  • Our 30cm mat with bi-density foam is compact with a reassuring cushioning feel, ideal for buildings with height restrictions.
  • The 40cm mat is the gold standard for maximum durability, comfort, and safety in bouldering.

All mats are equipped with extra-wide 30cm velcro flaps to reinforce the safety of the matting and guarantee perfect unity across the whole surface.

It is recommended to use EP’s heavy-duty velcro floor fixing system to secure the mats in place.

Climbing mats Climbing mats Climbing mats


After obtaining an ISO 9001 certification in 2004 and ensuring its regular renewal, EP pursues its CSR commitment by having now successfully passed the ISO 14001 certification.

This certification concerns our Construction Workshop located in France, responsible for the European market for our climbing mats. These are our actions to reduce the environmental impact of climbing:

  • Our plastic packaging is 80% recycled.
  • 80% of the glue we use is water-based.
  • We're partnered with an upcycling company that recycles PVC waste into leather goods.
  • We work with a vocational rehabilitation centre to integrate disabled workers.


  • Our manufacturing process is carried out in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • Any production waste is disposed of by a government-approved and certified company.
  • We strive to reduce our emissions of polluting gases into the atmosphere.
  • We are aiming to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • We are committed to reducing our electricity consumption and waste by being more efficient, productive, and adapting our machinery and processes.

Additional options

Colours & Design

Colours & Design

EP offers a wide range of colour schemes to create an unlimited number of design possibilities for your climbing mats, carpets, and protective covers.

From simple logos printed directly on the cover to partial or complete decorative printing, our team can also carry out custom printing to suit your needs and enhance the aesthetic of your climbing area.



Carrying handles can be attached to the sides of your mats to make them easier to move and store. EP Climbing offers two types of handles adapted to your needs:

  • Sewn handles are cost-effective and use 3-stitch anti-tear stitching that guarantees durability.
  • Bonded handles offer a premium aesthetic finish and are highly resistant to tearing for optimum durability.


Carpet is recommended for indoor use as it helps reduce airborne chalk dust and the overall sound level of the facility. Carpet also helps to extend the life of your climbing mat and is easy to clean with a vacuum.

Protective covers are ideal for outdoor use to ensure maximum water tightness of the primary matting. These covers are easy to install and can be kept clean and disinfected with a simple floor mop.

Care & Maintenance

Care & Maintenance

Climbing mats with protective covers are easy to clean with soapy water and a mop, while carpet can be easily vacuumed. For more difficult stains on a carpet, a steam cleaner may be needed. It is not advised to use solvents or aggressive detergents, so as to avoid potential damage to the climbing mat.

For other maintenance needs, custom repair kits and replacement cover flaps can be requested

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