TRUBLUE iQ Head Rush

TRUBLUE iQ Head Rush

We are an authorised distributor for Head Rush Technologies


Head Rush believes in testing their equipment to the strictest standards. As the world leader in auto belay manufacturing, they have a responsibility to take the lead in regulation and safety requirements. With roughly one billion descents a year on Head Rush devices around the world, they have the most tested auto belay on the market.

TÜV SÜD tested the TRUBLUE devices to 10x Class A. This represents a 15,000% increase in testing cycles compared to the closest competitor of Head Rush (Class C). The TRUBLUE is also the only auto belay certified as meeting the requirements of EN360:2002. This means that the device is designed and certified for shock loads.

The Head Rush TRUBLUE iQ auto belay is the world's smartest auto belay device, using a self-regulating magnetic braking system. With over two billions descents a year around the world, it is also the most tested auto belay on the market.


About Head Rush Technologies

Head Rush Technologies started with the TRUBLUE™ auto-belay, which was created as a way to use their magnetic braking system to provide climbers with new ways of training without a partner while also mitigating risk. The response was overwhelmingly positive from users and especially from climbing facilities of all types who found that the Trublue auto belays worked to increase membership and raise overall customer satisfaction.

At EP Climbing, we are an authorised distributor for Head Rush Technologies.


Discover the TRUBLUE iQ Auto Belay

TRUBLUE iQ is the world’s smartest auto belay. Its self-regulating magnetic braking system is the result of years of research, development, and testing. Replacing the first-generation TRUBLUE, the TRUBLUE iQ is the next standard in auto belay, with built-in durability, an “Internet of Things” compatible platform, and magnetic braking that climbers trust.

The TRUBLUE iQ auto belay is more durable and lighter than ever before. Engineered to meet the strictest safety standards (ISO standard 17025 and PPE against a fall from height auto belay device DIN EN 341:2011 & DIN EN 360:2002), including extensive testing by one of the leading certification bodies in the world, TÜV/SÜD Product Service GmbH, it is also upgrade-ready.

Two versions available:

  • TRUBLUE iQ: up to 12.5m in height.
  • TRUBLUE iQ XL: up to 20m in height.


Certified Service Centre

EP Climbing has its own Head Rush certified service centre, enabling us to guarantee the highest standards of service and safety on the market for TRUBLUE, QuickFlight, and zipSTOP products.

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A Trublue for Fun Climbing

All Clip 'n Climb challenges are equipped with Head Rush TRUBLUE iQ auto belays, for quick and easy access to all of the fun!

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What are the differences between the three models?

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