Rock On Cebu Philippines, Asia

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Project Description

Situated in the IT Park at Ayala Bloc Mall, this exceptional boulder gym is specifically designed to cater to the vibrant community of island climbers. It is an exhilarating space where climbers can find their climbingfix.

Project Statistics

  • Location: Cebu, Philippines
  • Date: June 2023
  • Features: Boulder with Europe holds and mats
  • Climbing surface: 260 m²
  • Technology: MozaiK
Rock On Cebu Rock On Cebu Rock On Cebu

As we persistently strive to bring climbing to everyone and everywhere, we travel to remote corners of the world. The latest addition to our portfolio is the first international climbing wall of the Philippines in Cebu, its second largest city. This gym is our yet another proud venture as we continue to establish premium climbing spaces worldwide.

The gym is ingeniously divided into four sections: The U, the cave, junior wall, and the Pump Zone. Overall the arena has roof climbing, slab walls, a spray wall for endurance training and an array of strength-building equipment. This thoughtful design ensures that climbers of all levels and ages can enjoy and enhance their skills, making it a welcoming space for both beginners and seasoned climbers.

Rock On strives to build a community hub where the gym actively engages in events with NGOs and animal rescue clubs, reflecting a commitment to social responsibility and fostering a sense of community beyond the climbing walls.

Throughout the project, we showcased our strengths in understanding the customer's vision. Despite the challenge of a limited wall height of 3.8 metres, we crafted traverse and vertical walls for diverse route setting. Another unique appeal of the facility is the roof section. Overcoming the technical difficulties of its installation, we successfully completed the project on time.

The decision to collaborate with EP Climbing was driven by the customer's desire for a high-end climbing gym by a renowned supplier and climbing wall manufacturer. Owning our reputation, we offered a comprehensive turnkey project that encompassed dynamic designs of climbing walls along with holds, volumes, mattresses, and more.

This strategic partnership positioned Rock On Boulder Gym as the first branded climbing gym in the Philippines, setting it apart as a trailblazer in the local climbing scene. We invite you to climb here to your heart's content and be part of a thriving climbing community in Cebu.

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