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Project Description

The inspiration for the project draws deeply from Fontainebleau, a revered bouldering haven in France boasting over 25,000 boulders. Resonating with this iconic site, Bloc en Stock promises a Fontainebleau-like thrill, with routes that beckon climbers of all levels. The founders of the gym say, “Block in stock, it's a bit of Fontainebleau in Meinau, come and discover our room and test our blocks!”

Project Statistics

  • Location : Strasbourg, France

  • Date : September 2022

  • Wall Type : Boulder walls, Kids Zone

  • Climbing surface : 817 m²

  • Technology : MozaiK

Bloc en stock Bloc en stock Bloc en stock

Bouldering, a dynamic form of climbing which involves no encumbrance of ropes, is synonymous with freedom and expression in the climbing world. Embracing this spirit of freedom, EP Climbing introduces its another venture, Bloc en Stock, in the heart of France.

Occupying a sprawling 3000 square meters in Strasbourg, Bloc en Stock transcends the conventional bouldering experience. It's not just a climbing gym; it's an invitation to a block adventure where enthusiasts can discover, challenge, and revel in the thrill of sending.

One of the hallmarks of Bloc en Stock lies in its inclusivity. The facility caters to climbers of all ages, offering adult packages, children's courses, and even baby climbing for toddlers aged 2-5. The space goes beyond individual climbers, extending its embrace to corporate events, birthday celebrations, and tailored school programs.

Housed in a former factory, Bloc en Stock is a testament to innovative design. The climbing room is a visual and tactile delight. Our designers and engineers have crafted walls with varied heights and profiles, ensuring an engaging climb for every climber. The arena offers an additional post-climb relaxation space with comfortable sofas, a friendly bar and a snack counter.

Beyond the exceptional climbing experience, the project excelled in customer relations, design quality, and on-time delivery—testimony to EP Climbing's excellence as a climbing wall manufacturer. Their choice to collaborate with us was driven by the company's reputation and unwavering professionalism

This new bouldering hotspot is an embodiment of EP Climbing's ethos—where innovation meets tradition, and climbing is accessible to everyone. With EP Climbing ( in the classic Bloc en Stock style), there's always "PLENTY IN STOCK," ensuring every climber finds the perfect formula for their ascent.

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