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Project Description

We are thrilled to unveil our remarkable project in Uzbekistan: the inauguration of the first-ever outdoor sports climbing wall in the Republic, a significant milestone in our relentless pursuit to make climbing accessible to all. This remarkable feat is set atop the expansive roof of Central Asia's largest shopping centre.

Project Statistics

  • Location : Tachkent, Uzbekistan

  • Date : August 2023

  • Wall Type : Competition lead wall

  • Climbing surface : 224 m²

  • Technology : MozaiK XP

BeFitSky BeFitSky BeFitSky

The idea originated from the minds behind the BeFit chain of clubs, a leader in premium fitness and recreation. Incorporating climbing walls into their latest venture was a natural choice due to the growing popularity of the sport in the country. Located within the luxurious Tashkent City Mall, BeFit Sky stands as a symbol of urban innovation and athletic adventure. Situated on the top floor, this state-of-the-art facility showcases our commitment to design, services, and exceptional experiences.

The climbing wall, spanning an impressive 12x16 metres, stands as the highlight of this fitness suite. Drawing inspiration from the esteemed Chamonix World Cup wall, its design has all the elements of versatility and diversity, accommodating both novices and seasoned climbers alike. The wall features 20-metre routes with varying slope angles, ranging from a gentle 15 degrees to a challenging 45 degrees–promising that every climber gets a thrilling ascent. And the rumour has it that this wall will make its grand debut at the Asian Games in 2025!

But BeFit Sky is more than just climbing. As they have established, “where fitness meets fashion”, it is a holistic fitness haven. Spread across its sprawling expanse, you'll discover a 690 sq. ft gymnasium, a dynamic functional training zone, and an aqua area boasting two expansive pools—25x12 metres and 12x6 metres respectively. Additionally, fitness lovers can immerse themselves in a dedicated pilates enclave and two padel tennis courts. After an invigorating workout, rejuvenating in the serene ambience of the Finnish sauna is a winner.

At its core, BeFit's mission resonates with our ethos: "Be Fit, Be Smart, Be Complete." With the opening of BeFit Sky, we amplify this vision, forging a place where fitness seamlessly intertwines with fashion and luxury. This project embodies our mission to democratise climbing, making it an integral part of fitness regimes and reaching enthusiasts from all walks of life.

As we expand our footprint in the Republic, together with the Tashkent dwellers we can say, “Time to BE a smart climber with BeFit Sky”.

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