Municipal climbing wall of Estepona Spain, Europe

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Project Description

The Estepona Fair and Sports Park is set to become home to Spain's largest outdoor climbing wall, marking an unprecedented milestone in sports. Located in the coastal city of Estepona, this project will provide an exclusive space for the practice of climbing. This remarkable municipal climbing wall is set to be a groundbreaking addition to the Fair, Sports, and Permanent Leisure Park.

Project Statistics

  • Location : Estepona, Spain

  • Date : March 2024

  • Wall Type : boulder, speed wall, lead wall

  • Climbing surface : 662 m²

    • Speed wall : 115 m²

    • Lead wall : 363 m²

    • Boulder : 184 m²

  • Technology : Mozaik

Municipal climbing wall of Estepona Municipal climbing wall of Estepona Municipal climbing wall of Estepona

The Estepona Fair and Sports Park features the largest outdoor climbing wall in Spain.

This ambitious venture is supported by EP Climbing, a choice made based on a relationship cultivated since 2019. EP Climbing was selected to design and manufacture the wall, being regarded as the world's premier company in the field.

This new climbing wall, the first of its kind in the area, will feature dimensions and functionalities conducive not only to sports climbing but also to hosting national and even international competitions for elite athletes. A formidable structure weighing 130 tons, constructed from steel, will be the foundation of this endeavor.

The climbing wall's design is divided into three main sections: speed, difficulty, and bouldering, spanning an impressive 662 square meters. The outdoor facility, equipped with a cover, will also be available for use during the night, thanks to a lighting system that ensures climbers can enjoy the sport day and night.

Estepona is reaching new heights with the creation of Spain's largest outdoor climbing wall, promising a unique and thrilling experience for climbing enthusiasts and athletes alike.


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