Outdoor Tower of Auron ski resort France, Europe

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Project Description

Constructed with the advanced MozaiK XP technology, the climbing tower boasts exceptional weather resistance, ensuring that enthusiasts can enjoy the activity in various weather conditions. This cutting-edge technology not only enhances the durability of the structure but also contributes to a safe and reliable climbing environment.

Project Statistics

  • Location : Auron, Saint Etienne de tinée, France

  • Date : 2022

  • Wall Type : Outdoor Roped wall, Outdoor boulders

  • Climbing surface : 330 m²

  • Height : 14m

  • Climbing routes : 24

  • Technology : MozaiK XP

Outdoor Tower of Auron ski resort Outdoor Tower of Auron ski resort Outdoor Tower of Auron ski resort

Scaling New Heights while enjoying the station

Catering to individuals aged 7 to 99, the climbing experience at the Auron Saint Etienne de Tinée ski resort is designed to be inclusive and accessible to all. The resort has set a commendable goal with its climbing tower, aiming to make the thrill of climbing available to a broad spectrum of age groups.

The tower stands at an impressive height of 14 meters, providing a challenging yet rewarding ascent for climbers. With a sprawling climbing surface of 330 square meters, there is ample space for individuals to explore and conquer. The inclusion of 24 distinct climbing routes further emphasizes the resort's commitment to offering a diverse and engaging experience for climbers of all ages and proficiency levels.

In essence, the Auron Saint Etienne de Tinée ski resort's initiative reflects a dedication to fostering a sense of community and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle through the exhilarating sport of climbing. Whether you are a novice or an experienced climber, the resort invites everyone to partake in the joy and adventure of scaling new heights.

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