Peace & Bloc Belgium, Europe

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Project Description

A climbing gym in Marche-En-Famenne with over 600m² of climbing surface for beginners and experienced climbers in a relaxed atmosphere, modern facilities, 125 boulders changed regularly to challenge its climbers and a community of passionate climbers.

Project Statistics

  • Location : Marche en Famenne, Belgium

  • Date : 9 April 2022

  • Wall Type : boulder, speed wall, lead wall

  • Climbing surface : 662 m²

    • Speed wall : 115 m²

    • Lead wall : 363 m²

    • Boulder : 184 m²

  • Floor surface : 1359 m² (climbing surface and lounge space)

  • Technology : Mozaik

Peace & Bloc Peace & Bloc Peace & Bloc

A bouldering gym born out of a passionate vision

Starting from a dream of two climbers who wanted to give a new impetus to their lives and share their passion for bouldering, Peace & Bloc is a climbing gym located in Marche-en-Famenne that offers beginners and experienced climbers a place to relax and challenge themselves. They called on the expertise of EP Climbing to build and install the climbing walls according to safety standards to ensure a safe climbing experience for all levels of climber.

The gym also benefited from EP's route setting, holds and maintenance services.


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