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You're an architect, an economist, or a building owner and you have to include a climbing wall in a public tender? On this page, we give you the keys to prepare your public tender for working with EP Climbing. Follow the guide!



Prepare your public tender

A public tender means calling on many trades for a common project. It's starting a project that you don't know everything about.

Fortunately, at EP Climbing, we master all the steps involved in building a climbing wall. Whether it is for a sports complex, a world-class wall, or just for the residents of a city, we have already been able to do it all (or almost everything, every project is unique). Follow the different steps on this page so that you don't forget the essentials, and for the rest, contact us so that we can help you throughout the process.

A climbing wall, but which one?

Climbing includes several disciplines. Each having its own specificities, we have prepared detailed and explanatory articles for you.

Discover in detail the lead climbing, closest to rock climbing. Also, a discipline in very strong urban expansion, bouldering will be presented to you in this article.

Finally, less known discipline but being one of the most spectacular, we present to you in this article, speed climbing.

These three disciplines will be presented at the Tokyo Olympics Games in 2021 in combined form.


Our recommendations for a successful climbing wall as part of a public tender

We have built climbing walls for more than 35 years and we have done thousands of walls in tenders around the world. Here's what we recommend for successful, sustainable, and memorable projects, depending on the projects you are working on:

Minimum height recommended for a climbing wall:

The first question we are asked when it comes to integrating a climbing wall into a tender project is the height to be taken into consideration.

Attention: the recommendations we make here are for information purposes only, do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

Lead wall:

An interesting project for a climbing wall requires a minimum height of 9m for the building. This allows us to have an interesting climbing surface, but also to be able to integrate the structure of the wall with peace of mind.

Bouldering wall:

It’s possible to climb on a bouldering wall until 4.5m. This, therefore, requires less building height and 7m will be sufficient.


Climbing walls for competitions, walls we can provide:

  • Départemental
  • Regionals
  • Nationals
  • Internationals

In order to know the specificities of the walls by category, please contact us directly or read this page.


Constraints of the standard

Safety is our priority and the current standard obliges us to take certain elements into consideration. Indeed, for the safety of climbers and managers, we cannot do everything we want. Here are some examples to take into account in your specifications and models. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss this subject.

The standard for safety surface:

  • beware of the accesses

  • take into consideration the emergency exits

  • think about the direction of circulation

The standard for falling spaces:

  • beware of light
  • glazing

  • radiants

  • fire extinguishers

Design guidelines:

We cannot put a belay line on a wall if it is above a door (unless it is used as storage space only).

All the designs made by our designers are unique and tailor-made. Contact us to get yours.


Support of the Artificial Climbing Wall

Although a building has a construction that looks very solid, it is not necessarily suitable for the installation of a climbing wall. Below are some examples of the most frequent materials that can be encountered and if they need the validation of control office and authorisation to hang:

  • Reinforced concrete: rarely causes problems

  • Cinder block wall: outside of chaining, it is impossible to fix on a climbing wall structure

  • Chaining is a cinder block wall: rarely causes problems

  • Prestressed concrete: requires technical analysis

  • Brick wall: requires technical analysis

  • Stonewall: requires technical analysis for a bouldering wall. Impossible for a lead wall.

  • Metallic structure: requires technical analysis

  • Trellis beams: requires technical analysis

  • Wooden structure: rarely causes problems

  • Plasterboard: requires technical analysis

  • Honeycombed concrete slab: requires technical analysis

  • Beams and concrete slabs: requires technical analysis

  • Collaborative floor: requires technical analysis

  • Wood floor: requires technical analysis

  • Sport floor: the fixing is carried out according to the support of the sports floor

A question, a doubt? Contact us to discuss


Documents to be provided by the client for the construction of a climbing wall in a public tender.

For a public tender, the client must provide us specific elements. This is a crucial step so that we can start working on a realistic design according to your building and your desires. Your quote will then be reliable and well constructed. Here is the list of documents to be provided:

  • Access maps of the building

  • Building plans and sections

  • Access to the building site


Our expertise does not only stop at the construction of climbing halls. We have a large range of services & accessories. Check it out!

Discover our brand EP Holds! We have a large range of holds and volumes.

We can also take care of your route setting, prior to the opening of your hall, or on request. The route setting must be done with great care. Be careful to update and vary, as this is often considered to reflect the quality of a climbing facility.

For route setting by a professional athlete or an international setter, contact our service department.

The maintenance of the walls and the PPE are obligatory manipulations, to be carried out every year. We have a specially trained team dedicated to this.


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