Centre Neurologique Willliam Lennox Belgium, Europe

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Project Description

The William Lennox Neurological Hospital based in Ottignies has introduced a specialized climbing wall for functional rehabilitation. This innovative addition integrates physical, cognitive, mental, and social benefits into the treatment of individuals with neuromotor disorders. The facility marks a progressive approach, emphasizing the incorporation of sports as an essential component of the overall care process.

Project Statistics

  • Location : Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

  • Date : 12 February 2024

  • Wall Type : Lead wall

  • Climbing surface : 54 m²

  • Height : 6m

  • Technology : Mozaik

Centre Neurologique Willliam Lennox Centre Neurologique Willliam Lennox Centre Neurologique Willliam Lennox

Climbing proves to be a comprehensive discipline suitable for rehabilitating physical motor skills

Climbing helps to maintain and develop numerous motor, psychomotor and physical functions. It strengthens the musculature of the whole body, improves flexibility, motor skills, agility and balance.

For people suffering from transient or permanent neuromotor disorders, climbing also makes it easier to re-appropriate the body and sensory perceptions. Improving posture, particularly for the elderly, and coordination round out the many benefits of this activity.

As well as the physical benefits, climbing helps develop psycho-cognitive skills such as memorisation, visualisation and planning.

Climbing improves psycho-cognitive abilities and favours the social dimension of the discipline. Climbing is practised in pairs, sometimes in groups. This social dimension is a real motivator for self improvement, fuelled by the encouragement of others.

As a result, the CHN has made climbing an integral part of its patients' rehabilitation programme.

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