Standard Climbing Walls

Products that are pre-designed, ready for production and ready to get to your site with quick turn-a-round without compromising quality.

Pre-designed climbing walls, ready for production.

Our standard climbing wall solutions offer quick turnaround times without compromising on quality. Standard products are ready to ship more quickly since they bypass the drafting department and are already engineered for multiple connection styles.

Our team ensures the standard walls are the correct fit for your climbing space, offering minor adjustments when needed.

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Panels : 

Versatile and high-quality climbing panels form the company that builds walls for the Olympics, World Cup competitions, US Armed forces and countless primary schools, universities and climbing gyms.

DIY Composite Panels:

Ready for indoor or outdoor installations.   

DIY Climbing Wall Panels:

Home Climbing Walls :

  • Crystal (DIY) Panels
  • 4’x4’ panels made of Baltic birch plywood
  • Mozaik surface technology
  • Suitable for self installation
  • Standard and customizable color options
  • Highest T-nut density for optimal route setting options.

Climbing Traverse Walls :

  • Panels systems use crystal or durastone 4’x4’ panels
  • Quality texture to allow smearing
  • Fold-up mats for landing zone
  • Installation instructions provided
  • Programming games and add-on equipment available.

**Ask about a package curated for your facility’s space.


Sport Court Rope and Bouldering Walls :

  • Affordable climbing solution to reimagine unused space in your recreation area or school gymnasium.
  • Climbing panels are designed to fit standard spaces, minimizing time needed for the design process.
  • Package solutions available to include panels, fall zone mats and climbing holds
  • Sport Court Walls are available for both rope climbing and bouldering

Standard Outdoor Boulders:

We have a full line of rock realistic Freefrom boulders perfect for outdoor spaces.

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Fun Climb | Clip ’n Climb:

Standard climbing wall options geared to entertain all ages and climbing abilities, especially great for beginners and children.

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