Standard Climbing Walls

Products that are pre-designed, ready for production and ready to get to your site with quick turn-a-round without compromising quality.

Standard Climbing walls

At EP, our ready to go walls means they are pre-designed, but we still ensure the correct fit and need for your successful climbing zone. These products are much faster to get out the door since they bypass the drafting department and are already engineered for multiple connection styles. Many times, you can still choose some aesthetic points to compliment your space.

School House - Flat Panel Rope Wall

Climbers are supported by a rope, either by a second belayer or by using a TRUBLUE™ automatic belay.

The advantage of being belayed by a second person is trust.

Indeed, knowing that a partner is holding the rope allows the climber to get more comfortable with the fall and to rest in his harness if he gets too tired.

This is an excellent option for beginner climbers or for advanced climbers who want to practice difficult moves and exceed their skills.

Lead walls are recommended for advanced climbers and for assessments. It is an excellent way to progress in climbing


Sport Court - Rope Wall

Speed climbing is a form of indoor climbing where athletes compete to achieve the best time to the top of the climbing wall.

The competition takes place on a standardised climbing wall, (the holds are always the same, the route as well.)

The wall is 15m high. Some athletes train specifically for this discipline.

Speed climbing is an excellent discipline for competition, often spectacular, the spectators are not disappointed.

We are glad to be IFSC official speed walls manufacturers


Sport Court - Bouldering Wall

Bouldering is a form of rock climbing, performed without any rope or harness.

Thick mats protect climbers from falling and are essential for the safety of the climber.

Bouldering is great for all skill levels and can be done alone but mostly done as part of a social group to help each other problem solve together.

Adding an easier section to the bouldering area makes it accessible to students of all ages (primary to secondary school).

Bouldering walls allow for greater flexibility in the choice of building, as there are fewer height constraints.


USA Fun Climbs, International Prima and Clip 'n Climb

These walls are themed and you don't change up the holds, so it is easy to introduce the fun of climbing.

We have a line of 5 and growing Fun Climbs along with a full catalog of Prima and Clip 'n Climb Challenges. These climbing walls utilize the TruBlue auto-belay to build a full turn-key business or create your unique adventure and climbing zone to your existing facility.


Standard Outdoor Boulders

We have a full line of rock realistic FreeForm Boulders to choose from as well. We prefer to get kiddos climbing and climb right along with them. Climbing is a life long sport. No more sitting on the sidelines, our boulders are ready for EVERYONE.

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