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As the official supplier of climbing walls, holds, macros, and volumes for the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) and a longstanding partner of USA Climbing, we're at the forefront of shaping the future of climbing competitions.

Pushing the sport of Climbing forward

EP competition walls are specifically tailored to the requirements for regional, national or international competition standards, and for each of the three climbing disciplines: Lead, Bouldering and Speed as well as Paraclimbing competitions. 

In 2020, EP Climbing reached a historical milestone by becoming the Official Wall Supplier of Sport Climbing’s debut at the Olympic Games Tokyo. With the extension of the IFSC partnership, EP has also been designated as Official Wall Supplier for the Olympic Games Paris 2024.

EP Climbing, IFSC certified Speed Wall

As an International Federation of Sport Climbing certified speed wall manufacturer, EP Climbing constructs speed walls to the highest standard that are certified by IFSC.

Speed Wall Details:

  • 2 heights available:
  • 10.5m | 2 corridors of 3m – 63m² | 24 handholds | 16 footholds
  • 15m | 2 corridors of 3m – 93m² | 40 handholds | 22 footholds
  • EP Mozaik structure
  • IFSC standard gray color
  • IFSC-certified belay system

*For world records, the use of a timing system and IFSC-certified holds and auto belays are mandatory.*

Competition Lead Walls

IFSC and USAC maintain distinct guidelines and regulations for competition climbing walls, prioritizing both fairness and safety. These requisites can fluctuate according to the competition's specifics and the location. To challenge climbers across various skill levels, the wall must accommodate diverse route setting. As an endorsed wall supplier for both USAC and IFSC, EP Climbing ensures compliance with these stringent standards.

Our competition lead walls have garnered attention in numerous competitions throughout the IFSC World Cup circuit.

Competition Bouldering Walls

IFSC and USAC require competition bouldering walls to feature an assortment of holds, volumes, and features to encourage dynamic and diverse climbing movements.

EP Climbing proudly serves as an official wall supplier for both of these esteemed organizations, showcasing extensive experience in crafting competition bouldering walls that adhere to the most current standards and guidelines.


Experience the innovative EP Climbing bouldering wall, the TITAN, a remarkable collaboration with the IFSC. Meticulously crafted to redefine climbing challenges, the TITAN's groundbreaking shape offers an extensive route-setting canvas, optimal viewing perspectives, and addresses the demands of global competitors.

Catch the TITAN in Action at Prestigious International Competitions:

  • IFSC World Championships Bern 2023
  • Pan American Games Santiago 2023
  • Olympic Games Paris 2024

Witness the TITAN's impact on the climbing world as it takes center stage at these prestigious events.

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Reno, Nevada 2021

IFSC World Cup - Bouldering and Speed Climbing

Salt Lake City, Utah 2021

USA Climbing Youth Nationals - Lead, Speed

Mesa Rim Reno, Nevada 2021

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