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Are you an Athletic Director or Facilities Director that would like to diversify your equipment? Find out why climbing should be integrated into your school and why it is beneficial for the students and the faculty alike.

Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA

Vertical Education. Community Building.

Climbing thrives on college and university campuses.

With the rising popularity of climbing, a wall is an integral part of the student and faculty experience. Climbing walls provide a forum to gain confidence, problem solve, collaborate, and build a lasting community. As recreational climbing continues to grow, collegiate competition climbing is gaining momentum with no signs of slowing down, thanks to the governing body, USA Climbing, and the Olympics.

EP Climbing has been manufacturing collegiate climbing walls for over thirty years. We partner with our clients to build the best product through collaboration, design, and expertise.

Our team will work with you to design a climbing area that naturally brings students, faculty and staff together and aligns with your college or university interests such as:

  • Recreational Climbing: encouraging exercise, reducing stress and building community
  • Competition Climbing: specific wall standards, or Field of Play, approved by USA Climbing
  • Sport Climbing Disciplines (bouldering, lead, speed): specific training elements to push your communities climbing interests and goals to the next level
  • Outdoor / Club educational elements - real rock, cracks, belay ledges, rappel stations
  • Climbing specific training elements - campus board, spray walls, tension boards, etc.

Full Service Climbing Solutions

EP Climbing goes beyond the wall by offering full service solutions:

  • Annual maintenance inspection
  • Wide range of climbing holds and volumes
  • Hold ordering services
  • Route setting services
  • Climbing wall updates, expansions, remodels

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