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Why route setting?

Climbing routes are what give your climbing wall its appeal, so it is vital to offer route setting that is appropriate to your target audience. Regular updates and high quality route setting is crucial for your user groups and and to ensure long-term success.

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EP offers route setting services for your climbing wall needs -- whether it’s the initial set for opening day or routine route setting services throughout the year.

Our team is trained to bring an experience to your climbing wall through route setting. Good setting needs to both entertain and challenge, while catering to a wide variety of skill levels. From beginner to more advanced levels, route setting should offer a puzzling but rewarding sequence of movements. Regular updates and high quality route setting is crucial for your community and to ensure long-term success.

EP route setters receive numerous professional trainings and certifications to work at height via ropes, operate necessary machinery and have the skills to safely set for all sport climbing disciplines.

Do you work in a rec center, school or university and would you like to have new climbing routes?

Our teams can come and set up your routes. Our first step will be a short evaluation to get a good understanding about the following:

  • facility layout review
  • user groups
  • ability levels
  • current holds & volumes selection

Many times prior to arrival or as a follow-up after our visit, we may recommend additional holds, volumes, equipment or other items to continue the success of your facility.


Training for Your Team

We offer training services so your team is equipped with the skills and knowledge to bring valuable route setting to your climbing walls

  • Route setting safety
  • Route setting techniques for boulders and rope walls
  • recognize different types of holds
  • preparation and planning for route setting
  • selecting holds and bolts
  • maintenance of walls and holds
  • setting with various climbing styles in mind (movement, aesthetics, balance)
  • climbing grades: setting grades according to your facility’s goals
  • targeted route setting: competitions, kids, clubs, schools, adaptive climbers etc.



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