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Route Setting

EP offers route setting services for your climbing wall needs. Whether it's the initial set for opening day or routine setting services throughout the year.

Elevate Your Climbing Experience with EP's Route Setting Services

Our team is trained to bring an experience to your climbing wall through route setting. Good setting needs to both entertain and challenge, while catering to a wide variety of skill sets. From beginner to more advanced levels, route setting should offer a puzzling but rewarding sequence of movements. Regular updates and high-quality route setting are the cornerstones of a thriving climbing community and long-term success.

Certified and Skilled Route Setters

EP route setters are seasoned professionals who have undergone rigorous training and obtained certifications to work at heights, operate machinery, and set routes safely for all sport climbing disciplines.


Route Setter Training

We believe in equipping your team with the skills and knowledge needed to deliver exceptional route setting within your climbing facility. Our training services cover a range of crucial aspects:

  1. Route Setting Safety
    - Safety is paramount in climbing, and our training emphasizes the importance of safe route setting practices
  2. Route Setting Techniques
    - Providing insights into setting techniques for both boulder problems and rope walls, ensuring a well-rounded skill set.
  3. Holds Familiarization
    - Enabling your team to recognize and utilize different types of holds effectively.
  4. Preparation and Planning
    - Learn the art of route setting preparation and planning, ensuring that your routes are not only fun but also well-thought-out
  5. Selecting Holds and Bolts
    - Gain insights into the selection of holds and bolts that match your facility's goals and climbing style.
  6. Holds and Walls Maintenance
    - Sharing knowledge about maintaining walls and holds to ensure a safe and appealing climbing environment.
  7. Climbing Style Diversity
    - Teaching how to cater to various climbing styles, including movement, aesthetics, and balance
  8. Climbing Grades and Goal Setting
    - Understand the intricacies of setting grades that align with your facility's goals and accurately reflect route difficulty.
  9. Targeted Route Setting
    - Providing insights into setting routes tailored for specific groups, such as competitions, kids, clubs, schools, adaptive climbers, and more.

Whether it's igniting the passion of new climbers or challenging the skills of seasoned pros, our route setting services add depth and excitement to your climbing facility that keeps your community engaged, challenged, and coming back for more.




EP Climbing stands as the forerunner in the development of climbing holds. Since creating the first holds in 1985, EP Climbing's innovative designs have revolutionized the world of indoor climbing and continue to shape the sport's progression.

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