TRUBLUE Auto Belay

Trublue iQ: The best Auto Belay on the Market

Tested. Trusted. TRUBLUE.

Number One Auto Belay on the Market

The most tested auto belay in the world makes climbing simple, approachable, and accessible. It’s perfect for gym climbing, climbing training, speed climbing, challenge courses or any form of partnerless climbing.

TRUBLUE Auto Belays help bring climbing to everyone, turning first time users into lifelong members of your climbing community.

Advanced Technology:

  • The TRUBLUE uses a self-regulating, magnetic braking system that accommodates the widest range of user weights
  • Smooth descent: The self-regulating braking system has minimal variation in descent rate across the user weight range.
  • Reliability with no sacrificial wear parts: Non-contacting magnetic technology.
  • Designed for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Minimal maintenance and low cost of ownership.
  • Available with four webbing connection types to fit your facility's needs.

TRUBLUE Auto Belay:

  • Meets international safety standards: TRUBLUE is designed for climbers and engineered for safety. We engineered TRUBLUE to meet international safety standards for fall arrest devices.
  • Extensive safety testing: For over four years, the TRUBLUE auto belay has undergone extensive safety testing by an ISO 17025 accredited company specializing in product testing.

A Trublue for Fun Climbing

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