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EP Climbing builds custom climbing gyms to turn your vision into a reality.

Turn your vision into a reality

EP stands out as an industry leader for more than our knowledge and expertise. We work with our clients through the entire process from design to manufacturing to installation. Collaboration is essential to create a climbing facility that matches your vision and meets your community’s needs. 

EP climbing gyms are dedicated to climbing in all forms: lead, bouldering and speed, and our walls are designed for all climbers -- children to adults, beginners to experts.

In partnering in EP, we’ll bring the highest quality craftsmanship and collaboration, so there will be no surprises, and we strive to complete projects on time.

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Full Service Solutions

EP Climbing offers comprehensive climbing solutions beyond wall installations.

We offer an extensive selection of climbing holds, volumes, and macros. EP also provides convenient hold ordering services, expert route setting services, annual maintenance inspections, as well as climbing wall upgrades, expansions, and renovations.

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Tips for Designing a Successful, Well Rounded Climbing Gym

Flexibility and versatility take priority when designing a climbing gym. Creative layouts with varied wall terrain provide endless options to keep your community interested and engaged.

  1. Mix it up! Incorporating various wall profiles in your gym layout (slab, vertical, overhang, etc.) provides endless options for route setters to keep the walls creative and diversified for all skill levels.
  2. Training area: design your gym with a campus board, system board, spray wall and hangboard areas in mind.

  3. Non climbing areas are just as important. Creating space for events, parties or group fitness classes, provides another outlet for connection and community building. Don’t overlook areas like: front desk, staff areas, waiver kiosks, storage space, walkways, lounge areas and clear fall zones.

  4. Childrens zones: create a space that is family friendly and approachable for beginners and young children. Creating a space for children to play, promotes overall gym safety by keeping young children out of the age restricted bouldering and climbing areas.

  5. Instructional area: dedicate an area of your space for classroom instruction and lessons.

  6. Design your space with events and gym comps in mind. Reception and viewing areas are great for internal or local climbing competitions. Depending on available space, EP can provide IFSC certified walls to host national or international level competitions.


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