Climbing for Everyone

Climbing was once a sport reserved for a small population of climbers living next to mountain ranges and climbing destinations. EP introduced artificial climbing to the world in the 80’s, in an effort to make the sport more accessible. Over the years we have witnessed a revolutionary growth in both recreational and competitive climbing as gyms, universities, parks, playgrounds and recreation centers incorporate climbing into their facilities design. Climbing made its Olympic debut in Tokyo 2021, and EP Climbing was chosen as the official supplier of climbing walls for this remarkable event. With the extension of our partnership with IFSC, EP has also been designated as Official Wall Supplier for the Olympic Games Paris 2024.

EP Brings Climbing to Everyone.


With more than 7 subsidiaries & 4 production sites around the world, each of them using cutting-edge technology, EP has a truly global scale of operations that improves the production as well as the delivery time, while minimizing the costs! This wide scale of operations enables us to complete even the most ambitious projects like World Cups or Olympic games with the highest level of efficiency.


Having a strong distributor network in more than 30 countries, EP is a very well-known brand for its capability in global business operations. Although international, we are like a true local partner: the customizable services available include climbing walls, holds, and accessories together with maintenance, training, and route-setting services, providing comprehensive support for clients with their projects.


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