Rental - Crag Wagon/ Speed Wall

Mobile competition and event climbing wall

The Crag Wagon

50 ft wide with 10 ft bays. Customize the center volume to fit your event’s needs.

The Crag Wagon has made its way across the nation for recreational to professional level bouldering competitions. The Crag Wagon helps facilitate climbing at corporate events and provides a high-quality test and clinic zone at industry trade shows.

The official competition wall is ready for climbing at your next clinic, trade show, event or competition.

Speed Climbing Wall

Looking to diversify your community’s climbing experience or are you hosting a local, national or regional speed climbing competition?

Take advantage of our Speed Wall rental service.

Note: Speed walls take up 60 to 105 sqm. climbing surface
(6 to 7 m wide, 10 or 15 m tall)


Events, Trade Shows, Clinics

Official competition wall ready for clinics and fun active session at your event.

To gain the feeling for someone new to climbing means to put on a harness, put on some sticky rubber shoes and have a belayer help you work your way up the wall. Experience the teamwork and learn a little more about a few core values that climbing brings to everyone - from building trust and confidence to coordination and changing body positioning to 'problem solve' your next move up.


Competition Walls

We are proud to be the Official Climbing Wall Partner for both USA Climbing and the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC). We can provide any kind of climbing walls, depending on your needs. Contact us for more information!

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