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Tactical training

With over two decades of experience, EP Climbing has been at the forefront of constructing tactical-specific walls, ensuring that every element is finely tuned to meet the rigorous demands of your missions.


When unique mission requirements demand specialized training capabilities, EP Climbing steps in as your trusted partner. We take pride in collaborating with a diverse range of organizations in the USA, both governmental and non-governmental, to deliver standardized and customized solutions tailored precisely to your mission, training needs, and real-world simulations.

Military and tactical climbing walls serve a crucial role in replicating operational conditions, from natural rock formations to urban building facades, to create an optimal training experience. These versatile wall elements cater to an array of essential skills, including climbing, belaying, rappelling, rescue techniques, teamwork, and more.

For over two decades, EP has been constructing tactical-specific walls designed to withstand the most challenging environments. Our solutions are a testament to durability and resilience.

Climbing Wall Options for Tactical Training

We design, manufacture and install boulders, walls and free-standing towers to recreate natural conditions with our Freeform Surface Technology. Everything that EP builds is provided with stamped engineering plans that meet local and national requirements.

Several options are available for total immersion, including:

  • Imitation rock: replicate any feature and aesthetic (e.g. sandstone, granite, basalt, limestone)
  • Crack features: any width, gear protection placements
  • Building facades: brick, cinder block, stucco
  • Edges and belay ledges
  • Top decks and rappel stations
  • Custom colors and logos
  • Specific equipment packages to meet your programming needs
Boulders + Towers
cross-training, competitive arenas, or recreational climbing at your military base gym

cross-training, competitive arenas, or recreational climbing at your military base gym

EP Climbing's Mozaik Surface Technology, featured on our vertical surfaces for climbing gyms and competition walls, empowers you to strategically plan multiple areas of varying difficulty levels. It facilitates efficient training and competition exercises, all while maintaining a quick route setting turnover using modular holds and volumes. 

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