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Developed in New Zealand in 2005, Clip ‘n Climb has brought the niche sport of indoor to everyone. A fully integrated product in the EP portfolio, you have access to over 50 fun and colourful climbing Challenges to integrate to your climbing gym, multi-activity centre, standalone Clip ‘n Climb centre, trampoline park and more.

Clip ’n Climb - The Creator and Leader in Fun Climbing.

EP partners with Clip ’n Climb to create fun and unique climbing experiences for all ages and ability levels. This level of inclusivity makes Clip ’n Climb the ideal choice of activity for families, mixed groups of friends, parties and corporate away days.

With over 50 thrilling and colorful climbing challenges to integrate into your space, EP + Clip ’n Climb helps you provide a fresh take on climbing to your community that never gets boring.

Facilities may select from over 50 thrilling and colorful climbing challenges that range in difficulty, engaging features, an array of energetic colors, different textures and out of the box shapes guaranteed to engage participants of all ages.

EP & Clip ’n Climb can help you provide a fresh take on climbing that easily builds repeat customer loyalty and increases overall profitability to your facility.

Fun Climbing is great for:

Clip ’n Climb partners with Head Rush technologies to equip all centers with the TRUBLUE iQ Auto Belay system.

Interested in a fun climbing zone that fits your gym or facility aesthetic?

EP offers a range of budget friendly Fun Climbing options for a streamlined look and aesthetic that works with your gym, while still catering to beginner climbers and children.● 20 - 25 ft walls ● High-quality panels with Mozaik surface technology ● Creative layout and holds ● Seamless visual transition throughout the facility

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