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With the integration of brands like Clip ‘n Climb and Fun Spot we can offer you a wide range of activities, while drawing on over 40 years of experience in the industry. Discover our portfolio and make your family entertainment center stand out from the crowd!

A large portfolio of activities for any entertainment center

Whether you are planning to open a trampoline park, family entertainment center or you have a space to fill in your mall or resort we have plenty of elements to offer you. Our portfolio of activities includes anything from fun climbing to trampolines, ninja and ropes courses. As we are part of the ABEO-group, a global leader in sports and leisure, you even have access to different sports equipment and locker rooms.

A network of experts within the leisure industry

With more than 40 years of experience in the leisure industry, we can provide you a design that takes the specifications of your building and your activity into account, while not forgetting customer flow and security issues. Whether you want to open a new entertainment center or have an empty space you would like to fill with some exciting new activities, we are at your service.

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How do you build a successful entertainment center?

Whether you plan to rent or purchase a building for your entertainment center, the size of your building is crucial in determining which activities you plan to offer your future customers.

If you plan to offer fun climbing, you should aim for a height of at least 22 ft of clear height. When it comes to trampolines or ninja, you should instead aim for a large floor space.

It is also important to reflect the location of your entertainment center: are there enough potential customers living in close proximity? This can drive foot traffic and help your facility become a leisure destination, especially when combined with onsite refreshments and facilities for groups, team building activities and parties.

This being said, to make your entertainment center a successful one, it is important to think about the customer experience you would like to offer. You will need to provide a range of facilities in addition to the main activity area, including a reception area, toilets, changing rooms and lockers.

A proper cafe or vending arrangement is important for those who participate in the different activities you offer, as well as the spectators. And, if managed correctly, this can be an excellent stream of revenue and invite your customers to stay longer.

Finally, you should consider putting effort in recruiting the right people to join your staff. We recommend that you employ high-energy, enthusiastic and customer-focused staff first and foremost, as the specific skills needed to run an entertainment center can be easily learned.


We support you at every step of your project

Our support does not stop at the opening date of your entertainment center, but we can also take care of your annual maintenance.

If you are aiming to add climbing walls to your entertainment center, you might also be interested in discovering EP Holds! We have an extensive choice of holds and volumes.

If you are aiming to add fun climbing to your center, you will have access to marketing tools and collateral to help you get started!


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