Boulders & Towers

From the youngest climbers in their sandpits to city-dwellers who love rock climbing, boulders and climbing towers for parks and playgrounds meet the needs of every type of climber. These outdoor structures are ideally suited to exterior use, making climbing accessible to all and offering a variety of climbing styles.

Innovative Play

EP’s line of boulders and climbing towers for parks, playgrounds, schools and resorts provide communities with meaningful opportunities to play and connect.

Our Freeform Surface Technology is hand-sculpted to mimic the look of any rock – granite, sandstone, basalt, limestone, and more.

Here are a few benefits of including a freestanding boulder to your green space:


Standard boulders are designed for quick turnaround in our highest quality surface technology, Freeform.

Resin and glass fiber panels, shock-resistant and easy to maintain

Adapted for outdoor use regardless of weather conditions

Quick and easy installation on a concrete base (add on service if needed), and anchored to the base using mechanical or chemical anchors.

Available in 5 sizes LxWxH:

These boulders can be ready to meet ASTM playground standards. Talk to our team to learn more about what this means for your finished boulders.

Boulders are made to order and shipped to your site. Pricing does not include shipping, unloading process, installation, foundation or safety surface.

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Design Features:

  • Varied rock profile with specific areas for beginner climbers
  • Shapes, colors, and features blend in with the surrounding natural rock
  • Height restricted to 10 feet to encourage maximum use
  • Landing surface: pea gravel, with shock-absorbent surfacing, wood chip or rubber mulch. **Check with your local parks and recreation for local standards.
  • Accessibility for climbers with disabilities and reduced mobility


  • Freeform Surface Technology is hand formed, allowing the surface, cracks and features to simulate a variety of real rock aesthetics.

Accessibility Options:

  • Add anchor placements on taller boulders to allow rope assistance for adaptive climbers.
  • Some boulders and towers can include handhold inserts, which means routes can be set for your communities physical needs, interests and skill levels.

Holds + Accessories:

Polyester climbing holds to avoid discoloration.


Annual maintenance recommended by NF and FIFA'S standards. With more than 30 years of experience in building ACS, EP Climbing is THE maintenance specialist.



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