Posted on Nov 25, 2023

EP Climbing Celebrates US-First Titan Bouldering Wall at Portland Rock Gym

US-First Titan Boulder at Portland Rock Gym

Our team at EP Climbing celebrates the grand opening of Portland Rock Gym‘s state-of-the-art facility in Beaverton, a significant milestone in our ongoing partnership.

A Climbing Legacy

Back in 1988, when Portland Rock Gym first opened its doors, it was among the pioneers of modular climbing gyms globally and only the second in the United States. Fast forward to 2023, and PRG is setting a new standard with the grand unveiling of its latest gem—a sprawling 64,000-square-foot facility at Cedar Mill's Peterkort Towne Square, destined to be the largest climbing gym in the country.

The Beaverton Experience

The Beaverton location, currently undergoing a two-phase completion, promises diverse climbing experiences suitable for all skill levels. The first phase, opened in September 2023, boasts 8,300 square feet of climbing terrain, including beginner-friendly walls, two adjustable training walls, and the groundbreaking Titan boulder, a US-first and a feature in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Looking Forward to Phase Two

PRG beaverton phase 2 EP Climbing

Anticipated for spring 2024, the second phase will expand the facility with a 60-foot rope climbing wall, additional bouldering space, locker rooms, showers, and a speed wall certified by the International Federation of Sport Climbing. The expansion aligns with PRG's commitment to providing a comprehensive climbing experience for enthusiasts.

Beyond the Walls

EP Climbing Portland Rock Gym

The facility isn't just about climbing walls. It encompasses yoga studios, a gear retail area, and an open workout space. Portland Rock Gym's mission extends beyond physical activity; it aims to create a community hub where climbing enthusiasts can connect, share experiences, and foster a sense of belonging.

The Titan Bouldering Wall

Titan bouldering wall EP climbing

One stand-out features of the Beaverton location is the Titan bouldering wall, a groundbreaking training tool developed by EP Climbing in collaboration with the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC). Having made its mark at the 2023 IFSC Climbing World Championships, the Titan boulder is set to play a starring role in the Combined Boulder and Lead event at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. What's more, this game-changing innovation has found its home at the Beaverton location, marking the first Titan Boulder installation in North America.

Community Impact

Local businesses in the area are anticipating a positive impact on the community as this facility attracts climbers, contributing to a vibrant and active local scene. The grand opening party, held on October 17, 2023, was a testament to the excitement surrounding this climbing haven.

PRG Titan Boulder Community Impact

For more details about EP Climbing and the Titan Boulder, be sure to visit or send us a message. Join us as we celebrate the fusion of innovation and climbing passion at Portland Rock Gym's Beaverton location!

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