Posted on Jul 26, 2023


The road to Paris 2024 officially begins this week at the IFSC Bern World Championships with the best climbers in the world looking to secure their tickets to the Olympic Games.

For climbers taking part in the Combined discipline it will be their first chance to compete on the TITAN boulder which will debut in Bern and will be used at Paris 2024 Climbing venue next summer. Ahead of its competitive debut, EP has worked with several commercial walls to install the Titan Wall so anyone can climb on the same wall which will be used in the Olympic Games.

Titan Wall: A Conversation with EP's Design Team

We sat down with EP's design team, the creative minds behind the Titan Wall, to delve into the design and what awaits the athletes in Bern.

Design Evolution: Tokyo to Paris

Considering the success of the walls at the 2020 Tokyo Games, what are the key differences in Titan's design?

The primary change is its size. Titan was crafted to accommodate four problems, unlike the three in the previous Tokyo format. Beyond that, we aimed to provide climbers with a comprehensive test of their skills. In the design process, we meticulously engineered a wide variety of angles, ensuring that route setters could experiment with and adapt to the changes in angle across the wall.

The Impressive Right-Hand Roof

Tell us more about the distinctive roof on the right-hand side of the wall.

As mentioned earlier, our aim was to challenge climbers across a full spectrum of angles. Starting from 0° on the left, the wall gradually builds to the imposing big roof on the right. We believe this roof carries a distinct character and presence, promising to deliver a great spectacle in the competition.

Aspirations for Bern and the Paris Olympics

What are your expectations for the Titan Wall in Bern and the upcoming Paris Olympics?

We hope that the wall provides inspiration to the route setters at Bern and in Paris, giving them the opportunity to set a competition that will provide a great spectacle for the audiences and clearly differentiate the athletes in the competition. Additionally, we aimed to create a wall that not only works in a competition setting but also in a commercial environment. It has been fantastic to see the Titan walls being installed in commercial walls.

Titan Boulder Locations

The Titan Wall has already found a home at several climbing facilities, including:


Interested in the Titan Boulder?

The TITAN is an innovative bouldering wall, developed by EP Climbing in collaboration with the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC). This groundbreaking design offers maximum flexibility for route setting, optimal viewing angles, and caters to the needs of both international competitors and recreational climbers. 

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