The Ledge United Kingdom, Europe

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Project Description

Over 500m² of pure bouldering, a state-of-the-art training centre, two lead walls, and an entry grade climbing arena featuring fun bouldering and ropes area.

Having opened in March 2023, The Ledge has already been awarded the prestigious title of ‘Scotland’s National Performance Bouldering Centre’ due to its outstanding quality. The Highland-based hub in Inverness will set new standards for indoor climbing in Scotland, boasting bouldering and auto-belay walls, as well as training facilities.

Project Statistics

  • Location : Inverness, Scotland
  • Date : March 2023
  • Bouldering surface : 510 m²
  • Training surfaces : 90 m²
  • Kids roped walls : 80 m²
  • Kids bouldering : 45 m²
  • Lead walls : 185 m²
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