Suniland Extreme Park Venezuela, South America

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Project Description

Officially the biggest Clip ’n Climb & Climbing centre in Latin America and probably one of the biggest in the whole of America.

Venezuelan children's playground for kids until 12 years olds. 

An installation of probably a month and a half was done on a record time of 21 days. Thanks to the installation team, the project management and the client who provided everything that was needed as soon as things were requested.

Project Statistics

  • Location : Caracas, Venezuela
  • Date : March 2023
  • Type of walls : Rope wall & Clip 'n Climb
    • Mozaik XP : 174 sqm
    • Clip 'n Climb : 400 sqm
  • Technology : Mozaik XP
Suniland Extreme Park Suniland Extreme Park Suniland Extreme Park

Suniland Extreme Park is the biggest Clip 'n Climb & Climbing center of South America. The size of the center made it possible to incorporate a 174 sqm EP Climbing area with Mozaik XP walls and the world’s smartest Auto Belay, TRUBLUE iQ, installed, enabling customers to transition from the fun Clip ‘n Climb Challenges to a professional climbing wall, going from leisure and entertainment to hobby and sport, appealing to a much wider audience.

Known for their weather resilience, Mozaik XP walls are traditionally used as outdoor climbing walls and were initially going to be located outdoors on a covered terrace. However, as the project developed, design changes were made and this area has now been fully enclosed, meaning the environment can be easily controlled for climber comfort, ensuring the weather does not affect visitor numbers.

Visitors were very enthusiastic, and it was so good to see a lot of adrenaline and a great vibe from the whole team, encouraging and motivating the climbers. The vertical drop, leap of faith and stairway to heaven were all really popular, making everyone who took part laugh! I think these should be mandatory attractions at Clip ’n Climb centres!

Omar El Sous

Owner of the center

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