Le Topo Mont Blanc France, Europe

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Project Description

At the foot of Mont Blanc, the Topo is symbolically conceived as a base camp for climbers and mountaineers who want to share a good time, exchange ideas or meet up around climbing and the mountains.

Le Topo is a climbing gym in Saint-Gervais-les-Bains with bouldering and routes up to 15m high. It is designed for amateurs and professionals, beginners and experts, children and climbers of all ages.

Additional activities including yoga, seminars, training courses and various events are also proposed. A bistro area, a chill-out area and an outdoor climbing structure complete the offer.

Salle d’escalade à Chamonix | Le Topo Mont Blanc

Project Statistics

  • Location : Saint-Gervais-les-Bains, France
  • Date : September 2023
  • Wall type : Bouldering, Lead wall with 17 TRUBLUE lines
  • Climbing surface : 1957 m²
    • Boulder : 674 m²
    • Rope wall : 1283 m²
  • Technology : Mozaik indoor, Mozaik outdoor

The construction of this site represent a major social project and a living space in the heart of the Mont Blanc mountains. A new hall in a brand new building that is 50m long, 17m wide and 15m high.

EP was involved right from the start, in the design phase where EP design office was consulted right from the start of the design in cooperation with architect with whome there was in exchange on constraints to deliver an outcome that is in compliance with customer requirements and specifications for climbing; while participating in the development of new ideas for air circulation, all to optimize costs and space in the hall.

And that is how we came with a large, warm, lively hall, with space for all ages and all climbing-related activities: yoga, pilates ... A sustainable, eco-responsible gym well insulated and cool in summer with an optimized food services and no waste.

EP was selected for its commercial approach, the quality of the product and services, the responsiveness of the services, the quality of the installation and the professionalism of our teams. The deadline was met, the entire project was carried out impeccably and the site was supervised by PM and Engineering Office. 

Our strength was transparency and professionalism in everything we did, from the sales phase to project follow-up; propsing the right price. A "turnkey" offer with no hidden costs. The garante of a peace of mind and security with EP during the project.

We also managed the complexity of the project in terms of size, the multitude of actors as the construction of a new building involves the participation of architect, study office, craftsmen with whome we had very good cooperation upstream and during the construction. The close proximity and commercial follow-up meant that the customer felt reassured in this "complicated and difficult" affair.

Le Topo Mont Blanc Le Topo Mont Blanc Le Topo Mont Blanc

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