IFSC WC Chamonix 2023 France, Europe

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Project Description

The 2023 IFSC Lead and Speed World Cup was held in Chamonix, the base of Mont Blanc. As the IFSC Official supplier, EP Climbing designed, manufactured and installed the walls for the 2 disciplines, lead and speed.

Project Statistics

  • Location : Chamonix, France

  • Date : 7,8,9 July 2023

  • Wall Type : Lead, speed wall.

  • Climbing surface :

    • Training : 35 m²

    • Lead wall : 215 m²

    • Speed wall : 95 m²

  • Technology : Mozaik

IFSC WC Chamonix 2023 IFSC WC Chamonix 2023 IFSC WC Chamonix 2023

EP Climbing made an impressive debut in Chamonix, a revered hub for climbing enthusiasts, at the IFSC World Cup 2022. This year, as the IFSC World Cup series unfolded, the stage shifted to the base of Mont Blanc. Continuing our legacy as the IFSC’s climbing wall supplier, we installed our renowned climbing walls for a thrilling round of Lead and Speed Climbing.

Chamonix holds unparalleled significance in the realm of competition climbing, marking its 21st World Cup event. The walls adorned the famous Place du Mont Blanc, a spacious venue in the center of the town known for its majestic views of Mont Blanc in the backdrop. Climbers scaling the walls against this breathtaking scenery always create insta-worthy moments, adding essence to the event.

Elevating this event to historic heights was the 30th World Cup win of Kim Jain, the South Korean athlete also considered one of the most senior competitors. With over 300 climbers, this competition was fierce, each climber vying for the coveted podium spot. And EP Climbing stood proudly as a key participant in this dynamic event.

Strategically positioned ahead of the Paris Olympics Games in 2024, this offered athletes a golden opportunity to test their abilities on the global stage and refine their skills for the upcoming Games. The synergy between the epic climbing wall manufacturer and the legendary climbing city (Chamonix) created an unforgettable chapter in the vibrant history of climbing.

Our commitment to advancing the world of climbing was evident, contributing to the electrifying atmosphere that defined the IFSC World Cup Chamonix. It also reflected our mission – a mission deeply rooted in dedication to making every competition a celebration of skill, perseverance, and the spirit of adventure.

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