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Project Description

Espace Vertical 4 is the fourth in the Espace Vertical series of climbing gyms, designed to cater for all types of climber, from beginners to experts. With 1700 m² dedicated to climbing, Espace Vertical 4 offers more than 300 varied routes, guaranteeing challenges to suit every level of ability. For those new to climbing, there's a specially-designed beginners' area for safe progress. Speed enthusiasts will also find something to suit them, with a dedicated speed route. In addition, six auto belays are available, offering optimum safety and maximum freedom to climb without a partner. Espace Vertical 4 is not just a place to practice, but a true extension of the other Espace Vertical gyms, embodying the natural progression of the discipline and its openness to an ever-wider public.

Espace Vertical 4 | Espace Vertical

Project Statistics

  • Location : Saint Martin d'Hères, France

  • Date : 3 June 2023

  • Wall Type : Boulder, Lead wall, kids area, Speed wall, Rope wall

  • Climbing surface : 1750 m²

  • Floor surface : 1200 m² including mezzanine

  • Technology : MozaiK

Espace Vertical 4 Espace Vertical 4 Espace Vertical 4

Espace Vertical 4, where innovation meets precision in climbing wall construction

This project showcases a seamless blend of continuity and variety of climbing walls featuring different inclinations, a wide variety of profiles and ending up having something very smooth globally and get perspectives of depth.

At Espace Vertical 4, climbers of all levels will find routes tailored to their abilities, from challenging hard routes graded 8a and above to more moderate climbs averaging 6b for the highly skilled climbers of Grenoble. The walls alternate between slabs and overhangs, with strategically placed sloping sections ensuring a diverse and engaging climbing experience. Plus, our dedicated children's initiation area provides a safe and enjoyable environment for young climbers to explore the sport. 

Utilizing cutting-edge technology and assembly systems, our construction team ensures the durability and longevity of our climbing walls. With a focus on sustainability, our walls are finished with a paint that leaves minimal to no marks, maintaining a pristine appearance over time.

Step inside Espace Vertical 4 and be greeted by a breathtaking 10-metre-high climbing face, inspired by Albator's sylvidres. This striking feature sets the stage for an unforgettable climbing experience, where climbers can challenge themselves and reach new heights.

Looking to add novelty to your climbing facility? Espace Vertical 4 introduces steeper walls with large facets, allowing for the creation of angles and the addition of volumes. This innovative design opens up a world of possibilities, ensuring a dynamic and engaging climbing environment.

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