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Project Description

Les Cabanes Urbaines is an eco-responsible third place that combines climbing, restaurant, co-working and community life in La Rochelle.

The climbing gym team will guide you in discovering and perfecting the most urban of outdoor activities! On an indoor structure that meets all safety standards, climbers move freely over thick landing mats. A discipline at the top of all trends, its exponential popularity can be explained by its playful and friendly nature. The climbing area is open to everyone, from beginners to experienced climbers (from the age of 2).

Project Statistics

  • Location: France
  • Bouldering area: 650m², 12 new bouldering problems per week
  • Wall Type: Boulder
  • Technology: MozaiK
  • Climber profile: All types of climbers

Website: https://www.lescabanesurbaines...

Social networks: https://www.facebook.com/lesca... ; https://www.instagram.com/les_...

The facilities

The main bouldering area

The main bouldering area is 650 m2 of climbing space. The walls, 4.50m high, are equipped with 4500 holds selected from the best manufacturers. Every week, more than a dozen boulders are changed so that you can always benefit from the latest developments.

The training area

With an adjustable slope, it is also available to you so that you can quickly progress. Bouldering requires good physical preparation. This area is ideal for improving your skills, warming up, and stretching. You are free to choose the equipment: Pan Güllich, mats, skipping rope, weights, elastics, etc.... to evolve in the best conditions.

The children's area

From 2 years old. An opportunity to discover the first sensations of climbing and to reach the first summits while having fun!

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