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How to Choose the Right Climbing Wall Manufacturer

Every climber dreams of having their own climbing wall in their backyard. However, some of us take it beyond merely a hobby, transforming climbing into a business. We are here to encourage you to just do that. Imagine turning that love for climbing into a thriving business – your own climbing gym!

Building a climbing gym is as good as establishing your organisation. Just like building a village from the ground up, commencing a climbing gym involves constructing a community where each member plays a vital role. You have the opportunity to carefully select your people, strive with them to cultivate a shared passion for climbing, and apply your leadership skills to ensure the village thrives.

But before you dive into this climbing adventure, there's a crucial decision waiting for you – choosing the right climbing wall manufacturer. A reputed climbing wall supplier comes with a ton of expertise, bringing your idea to life. So, we've put together a super helpful guide to empower dreamers (or to-be gym owners) like you with all the knowledge needed to make smart decisions in picking the perfect climbing wall manufacturer.

Getting the basics right

Before going into the nitty gritty of selecting a climbing wall manufacturer, you have to lay the foundation. WHY do you want this gym? WHAT is your goal? WHO are you building this adventure hub for? Answering these questions not only fuels your vision but also helps you pick the right spot for your climbing haven. In case you are wondering, your climbing wall manufacturer holds the key to the HOW part.

The first step in setting up a successful climbing gym is finding the right space. While there are many factors and constraints, choosing a location isn't just about square footage. It is about creating an experience from the moment someone walks through the door. You should be able to visualise your gym (hold on, we're not talking final design here, just a thumbs-up that you are happy with what you are envisioning).

Once you have discovered your gym’s future home, ensure you have ticked off the following items before moving forward.

  • Permits and Licences: Avoid the headache of legalities by enlisting the help of an attorney or permit expediter. Make sure all necessary local permissions and licences are secured, avoiding hurdles in the further stages of development.
  • The basic plans: If your climbing wall will be in a rented or leased space, get your hands on those construction drawings. Having an updated floor plan verified by a structural engineer is a smart move. Keeping the structure and civil engineer in the loop during the pre-construction and installation stages ensures a flawless process.
  • Finances: Running a climbing gym means money flowing out every month. We are assuming you have your long-term finances in order with systematic plans covering future expenses including employee costs, monthly maintenance, equipment replacements, marketing expenses and more.
  • Accessibility: Beyond the obvious, evaluate the accessibility of the space for everyone, including those with disabilities. Consider the entrance – does it require a lift or stairs, especially if your gym is in a mall or building? Creating a gym that welcomes people of all genders and ages is a great way to attract new climbers since climbing is for everyone.
  • Area and height: The type of climbing you offer, whether bouldering, rope walls, speed, or training boards depends on the available height and area. Think about the vibe you want and plan accordingly.

Now that you've laid the groundwork, let's bring in the climbing wall builder!

Selecting the dream climbing gym manufacturer

Choosing the perfect company is like finding the right climbing partner – it takes patience and a bit of research. Besides the cost, there are key factors that can make or break your relationship with a constructor. Here are some insights to steer you in making the decision.

How to Choose the Right Climbing Wall Manufacturer How to Choose the Right Climbing Wall Manufacturer How to Choose the Right Climbing Wall Manufacturer

Play the detective

  • Go with the giants: There are many players in the artificial wall business, some with decades of craftsmanship. Experience matters, so lean toward the big players with a track record of erecting climbing wonders. In addition to experience, consider factors like customer care and reliability. Since every climbing space is unique, with distinct terrain, logistics, and transportation factors, choose a builder with a diverse global portfolio and a knack for tackling the challenges of installing varied walls. Best way to verify that is to reach out to other climbing gyms built by the manufacturer and inquire about their experiences during installation. Ask them how the company managed the process and if they encountered any issues.
  • Check those certifications: It's like the company’s way of saying, "We take safety seriously!". A certified climbing wall builder designs safe walls and uses equipment that is CE and EN-approved, ensuring that the construction aligns with the safety standards set by the Climbing Walls Association.
  • Swipe Smart: Just as you would scrutinise a dating profile, conduct a thorough background scan on the climbing wall suppliers. Dive into their history, examine their product management processes, and explore the designs and services they offer. Testimonials and references are useful–reach out to past clients, hear the customer stories, and get to the lowdown of the company's work ethics. Trust the word of mouth and look for well-known names as their collaborators.
  • Company location: If the manufacturer is international, consider investigating installation logistics, and material transport, and ensuring their team has the right to work in your country. Pay special attention to their ability to collaborate seamlessly with your local engineers and contractors.

Project Image

EP Climbing is the Official Supplier for IFSC and Olympic Walls, partners with Fédération Frainçaise de la Montagne et l'escalade (FFME) and British Mountaineering Council (BMC), and is a member of Climbing Wall Manufacturers Association (CWMA) and Climbing Wall Association (CWA).

Committed to ethical business practices and societal well-being (CSR), EP boasts ISO14001 and ISO9001 certifications.

Personalised walls with a creative touch

Embarking on the design journey might feel like entering the unknown, but fear not. A respected builder will follow a clear and user-friendly process that will transform the daunting into the doable. After you are done with your first round of analysis, you share your climbing wish list and ask for their proposal. What kind of walls are you dreaming of? Top rope, lead, speed, boulders, or a mix? Colours, materials, and designs share it all. Most companies have an intake form on their websites.

This is the stage where their creativity comes to the forefront and their capability is put to test. From the initial concept design, where your ideas get a 3D makeover, to the more detailed schematic design, they should do it for you. Every climbing gym project is a canvas of distinct possibilities and a reliable creator should present a spectrum of design options perfectly tuned to your requirements–be it at school, gym, corporate, or adventure park.

Take EP Climbing where designers don’t just show custom climbing wall profiles but also thrilling possibilities like ninja courses, sports fields, and lockers (as a part of the ABEO Group). There’s no harm in exploring some extra avenues for future revenues!

Trendy and Worthy

In the ever-evolving climbing world, you want a manufacturer who waves with the trends. Look for those actively involved in the climbing events, competitions, route setting, and the global community. If you are getting their walls they must be the latest and greatest.

Trendy and Worthy

People behind the walls

Constructing your climbing village requires an entire army of its own, the designers, project managers, and salespeople to contractors, engineers, and workers. These are the folks who understand your budget constraints, analyse design considerations, build a tailored quote, take charge of engineering and installation, and later inspect and maintain your walls for years to come.

From the very first conversation, make sure the entire team supporting the salesperson is not only capable but also affable. Take EP Climbing, for instance–our group of technicians actively collaborates to ensure a smoother journey from concept to completion. Because starting your climbing wall business should be as enjoyable as reaching the top!

Pick green to go green

If you care about sustainability (we hope you do), look at companies with the same value. Choosing a manufacturer with green solutions isn't just a fad; it's a commitment to the planet.

It reflects your responsibility in developing an eco-conscious culture.

You can opt for a wood structure instead of a steel framework–it might add complexity for example building overhangs, but contributes to the environment. Sustainable factory processes, energy-efficient practices, and waste reduction initiatives should be key considerations when choosing your green manufacturer.

At EP Climbing we honour Mother Nature while focusing on quality. Our Mozaik panels are curated in eco-friendly production workshops by lowering our carbon footprint, electricity consumption, and waste generation, disposing of production waste in government-approved methods, and using VOC-free paints -> thanks to ISO14001. We have green partners like Greenholds, and Ghold the world's first recyclable climbing holds producer.


Safe people build safe walls

While the safety of your customers is paramount, let's not forget that the well-being of the workers involved in construction ensures a stress-free project. Make sure the manufacturer's teams are not only well-trained but also possess decades of experience in constructing climbing walls. They organise regular assessments of their members, especially if they're working in schools or with young climbers.

Look for a company that conducts on-site audits annually and monthly inspections by specialised technicians trained in advanced construction techniques. This capable workforce provides detailed reports and suggests compliance upgrades to fulfil the latest safety standards.


Just climbing, no carting

Once your local team and engineers give the thumbs up, it's time to let the climbing wonderland take shape. The manufacturer’s installation and production unit steps onto the canvas to build your reality. They should orchestrate the ordering, conveyance, and installation of materials, handling all the logistics with finesse. Opt for a company whose workforce is based in your country/region, even if the supplies are sourced from elsewhere.


Gearing up for a long-term climbing venture

Your gym may be complete, but the manufacturer should be your go-to for all the essentials. From climbing holds to mats, harnesses, helmets, carabiners, and ropes–they should cover everything.

However, the catch here is that your builder should also offer regular inspections and repairs of the equipment. Pay special attention to auto-belays and personal protective equipment (PPE). A manufacturer that offers accredited inspections, like our certified team at Entre-Prises (by Head Rush Technologies for servicing of TRUBLUE auto belays), ensures your climbers enjoy a safe ascent every time.

When it comes to climbing holds, again they must be certified just like EP Climbing is. EP holds, volumes, and macros are crafted by world-class shapers and designers and are IFSC approved.

Explore Post-Installation Services

Once the climbing walls are up, it's crucial to grasp the ongoing services provided by the manufacturer. A trustworthy manufacturer goes beyond construction and covers a number of aspects as below:



Opt for a manufacturer that offers annual inspections (of various levels) and maintenance services to ensure that your walls are safe and durable. This commitment to ongoing maintenance assures that people are operating in a secure environment. Through the health probes, they should also recommend and implement renovations to make you stand out in the competitive world.

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Route Setting

Route Setting

Look for a manufacturer with a team of route setters capable of crafting routes for all skill levels, including thematic routes and those tailored for specific events like certifications and competitions. At Entre-Prises, our team of route setters not only designs your routes or bouldering sequences but also provides training for your team in route setting. We craft routes for all levels (from 3B to 8C).

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Start of a delightful adventure

While money is an instrumental criterion, true happiness with your climbing gym comes from meeting safety standards, timely delivery, and avoiding unforeseen expenses or accidents. Before finalising the deal, inquire about the lead time and double-check the quotation with gear/services included. Focus more on building a positive relationship with your manufacturer for a satisfying experience.

Because it’s not just about constructing walls, it's about crafting an experience, a community, and a legacy. As you venture into this endeavour just remember that each panel, colour, or hold you choose adds to the exceptional landscape of your climbing village. From choosing the right space to ongoing maintenance, each aspect contributes to the success of your climbing gym, creating a safe and engaging environment for climbers. So make every decision with passion. We hope this guide helps you choose the right climbing wall manufacturer that will turn your dream into reality.

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