Posted on Dec 21, 2023

Building gyms and brewing bonds: EP Climbing and Arkose's extraordinary journey

A Decade of Glory: Arkose, pioneer of Indoor Climbing

Arkose is a well-known name in the climbing industry. They are the flag bearers of climbing passion, innovation, and camaraderie. We like to call them the trailblazers of indoor climbing who have marked a glorious 10 years in the business!

Born in 2013 from the collective vision of four climbing enthusiasts, the idea behind Arkose wasn't just about sending routes; it was about creating a hub for bouldering enthusiasts seeking a blend of fun, good food, and friendship. They dreamt of it and today Arkose is not just a climbing brand – it's a community.

The values of the company revolve around respect—for the environment, for others, and for oneself. Their commitment to fostering connections and promoting personal growth through play is evident in every aspect of their climbing universe. They believe in connecting people over beverages, so they run their own beer production, Oskare, a beer for climbers. They bought the mythical climber’s brand from Chamonix SNAP Climbing in 2017. Now SNAP sells eco-friendly clothing, bags, climbing gear and climbing holds all over the world thanks to Arkose’s investments. Murmur, the pioneer of lead climbing in the region of Paris also has been bought by Arkose. It was the perfect opportunity for the leader in indoor bouldering to integrate lead climbing to its activities.


Arkose’s motto? "Moving towards a new dynamic every day." Since the inception of their first climbing loft, they are moving from one dynamic location to the other building an environment for people in search of fun climbing and values. With over 25 climbing gyms in three countries, including France and Belgium, Arkose has become a beacon of climbing culture. They have over 550 employees striving relentlessly to spread the company’s values and make the world a better place.


The symbiosis between EP Climbing and Arkose, a joint successes.

At the heart of their dynamic ecosystem lies EP Climbing, a dedicated partner in Arkose's journey since the inception of their climbing dream. Since 2019, EP has been the exclusive collaborator for the design and installation of all their centres, catalysing transformative change and exponential growth.

The symbiotic relationship between EP Climbing and Arkose has been a journey of innovation and evolution. After our collaboration we introduced new products and methodologies, earning accolades like the ISO 14001 certification and developing Life Cycle Assessment for eco-friendly practices. From wood effects to guided inserts and unique textures, our teamwork has redefined the climbing walls.

Our partnership's success lies in our ability to foster customer relationships, offering tailor-made technical support from project inception to completion. The fruits of our association are evident in the remarkable projects we brought to life. Arkose Nation, Bordeaux, Brussels, Madrid, and the Arkose La Rochelle are just a glimpse of our achievements. Not to forget, three new centres in the Paris region (Nanterre, Strasbourg-Saint-Denis (Paris 10), Montmartre (Paris 18)) have been game-changers.

Towards the Future with Arkose

As Arkose steps into the next decade, they are taking long strides in their future plans. The franchise model, they launched in 2023, invites entrepreneurs globally to join their big passionate family, with EP Climbing providing unwavering support in developing this network. The ascent doesn't stop here; a second gym in Madrid is set to open just one year after the inauguration of the first, a bouldering gym is set to open this summer in Issy les Moulineaux and a second gym in Brussels in 2025.


Cheers to their decade of climbing, community, and countless conquered heights. We celebrate our long-term comradery with Arkose for shaping the future of indoor climbing.

As the visionary brand embraces challenges and pushes boundaries, their commitment to a more ethical world, ethical brands, and an ethical way of consuming is an inspiration to us and the climbing world. Their philosophy that "being kind to the planet goes hand in hand with being good to oneself" resonates deeply with us.

We hope that, together with them, we can continue building fulfilling gyms and brewing strong bonds in the next decade as well.

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