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All auto belay devices must undergo an annual service to ensure they comply with safety standards and to extend their warranty. The EP service centre has been approved by Head Rush Technologies

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How does Head Rush Technologies devices maintenance works?

Your device will be inspected within 5 working days after reception if an appointment has been scheduled previously. To make an appointment, please contact us on the following contact form or directly by email if we are already in touch.

During the annual inspection, your device will be dismounted and all components inspected. Worn or non-compliant parts with the manufacturers’ safety standards will be replaced. The device is then tested to ensure it functions correctly.

About Head Rush Technologies:

Head Rush Technologie started with the TRUBLUE Auto Belay, which was created as a way to use their magnetic braking system to provide climbers with new ways of training without a partner while also mitigating risk. The response was overwhelmingly positive from users and especially from climbing facilities of all types who found that the TRUBLUE auto belays worked to increase membership and raise overall customer satisfaction.



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We aim to respond within 48hrs to all inquiries. If your request or service is urgent please call: +33 (0)476 085 376

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