Audit Compliance

Is your climbing structure compliant with the current standards?

Compliance is not retroactive.

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The auditor applies the standard that was in force when the structure was created. If the date is unknown or no documentation is available, the auditor applies the current standard.

Note that wear on a structure may render it non-compliant over time. In that case, the owner can request an assessment of the work required to render the structure compliant with the current standard.

EP Climbing audits are carried out on-site by a team of specialised technicians trained in the most advanced construction techniques.

Our in-house technical-design department analyses the measurements and makes the necessary calculations.

Following this, we provide you with a detailed report that includes the standard applicable to your climbing facility and a comparison with the current standard.

If necessary, we include a quote for the work required to achieve compliance.



Transparency & Collaboration

Our maintenance teams work closely with our customers. Flexibility, anticipating the schedule, and constantly searching for solutions are key to our activity.

Adaptability & Profitability

We design suitable solutions for all types of projects. Whether you are building a school wall or a complex structure for an international competition, we find the right technicians and stick to your budget.

Safety & Quality

Our technicians are climbing enthusiasts who are specialised in construction, and experts in working at height. They work in close contact with our technical design team, specialised in analysis and providing technical solutions.

Our 30 years of experience has included careful observation of developments in standards for safety which is one of our top priorities. As a result, we have created a specialised in-house technical department.


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