Posted on Feb 09, 2023

Optimizing Climbing Wall Maintenance for Safety and Longevity

Climbing has seen a surge in popularity as more enthusiasts visit your gym daily. To sustain the allure and functionality of your facility, it is crucial to implement preventive measures to ward off wear and tear.

Protect Your Investment with Regular Inspections

A well-maintained climbing wall can endure for up to two decades, preserving your initial investment by circumventing the necessity for constructing replacement walls or purchasing new equipment.

Inspect Your Safety Equipment and Gear

Climbing involves inherent risks. To safeguard your team and gym visitors, it's imperative to regularly inspect all personal protective equipment (PPE), harnesses, ropes, and belay devices for potential defects. Ensure that they remain compliant with current local safety standards.

Auto-belay devices require an annual inspection. During this inspection, any worn or non-compliant components will be replaced, and the device will be load-tested to ensure its proper functioning.


Elevate Your Gym with Essential Upgrades

Constant usage leads to the inevitable wear and tear of climbing walls. Over time, this can cause your walls to fall out of compliance with local safety standards, posing a risk to users. To maintain up-to-date standards, we recommend conducting regular compliance audits.

If a compliance upgrade is necessary to meet the current safety standards, the EP Climbing technical design team stands ready to assist you in identifying the best solutions for your wall type and budget. Compliance upgrades may include changing hold fixings, improving the framework and landing zones, and even repainting old panels to refresh the aesthetic.


Reimagine Your Route Setting

High-quality routesetting plays a crucial role in attracting more climbers to your gym. Skilled routesetters can craft enjoyable, challenging routes suitable for climbers of all skill levels, while also considering the impact of active movement on your wall and holds. Don't miss the opportunity to send your routesetters to seminars or hire professional EP routesetters to teach your team the best strategies for minimizing the need to purchase new holds, volumes, or macros each month while rejuvenating your gym.

In between inspections, compliance upgrades, or new routesetting, make sure to regularly clean wall panels, re-bolt any hold fixings, and minimize exposure to moisture to prevent deterioration.


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