Posted on Oct 20, 2023

EP Climbing supporting Climbers Against Cancer since the very begining

Climbers Against Cancer (CAC) is a registered Charity with the mission, through the worldwide climbing community, to increase awareness and raise funds for research in the continued fight against a disease that affects so many.

For almost 40 years, EP Climbing has been passionatly working in the climbing industry as climbing fosters a natural desire to support each other. As an engaged company, EP climbing has been supporting Climbers Against Cancer and a proud partner as their cause is close to our hearts. 

CAC was founded by John Ellison, after diagnosis of an advanced, aggressive cancer as well as a secondary cancer. John loved to climb and believed that climbing fosters a natural desire to support each other and encourage one another to succeed. The togetherness that he witnessed at the 2012 World Climbing Championships in Paris made him realize that climbers are an extended family with the power to deliver a message across the globe. He also realized how talking about his own predicament helped others to feel more comfortable talking about their disease. He then concluded that if this group came together to support the cause of “Climbers Against Cancer”, it would help others in the future by raising awareness and funding research into finding a cure for cancer. He enlisted the help of a number of top climbers, asking that they wear Climbers Against Cancer clothing, hoping others would follow their lead and purchase a T-shirt from the website shop, the proceeds from sales and donations going towards International Cancer Charities and Research Centres from each of the five continents. 10 years on, £500,000 have been donated.

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Its 10th anniversary has come around, and CAC is seeking to be more proactive in collaborating with partners and supporters.


EP Climbing has been a partner since the very early days of the charity and today EP and CAC are extending their collaboration. EP is now becoming an official CAC sponsor, wit the aim of helping to raise CAC’s profile.

If you were able to come see us at the Salon de l’Escalade, you will no doubt have noticed our staff wearing the climbers across continents multilingual t-shirt and a poster with QR codes linked to “shop” and “support” on the stand.

“EP Climbing have been a marvelous supporter from the outset! There is an exciting opportunity to build the partnership between EP and CAC further, as we enter our second decade with ambitions to deliver on John's Vision for bringing the whole world of climbing together. Walls are such a vital part of that community, and EP has an unrivalled network around the globe. Connecting with new walls, and the local climbing communities they are at the heart of, could have a huge impact in helping to grow CAC and our work to raise funds and awareness of this disease that affects so many.”

- Dominic Oughton, trustee of CAC.

If you also want to support Climbers Against Cancer, you can purchase their t-shirts or other merchandise here, or donate.


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