Military Climbing Walls

Are you looking to add some variety to your military training facilities? Climbing can be both mentally and physically stimulating, increasing overall fitness and coordination, and improving skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving.

‘Learning the ropes’ will also provide your group with further competencies such as belaying and rescue techniques, which are transferable to the outdoors and on the field. Not to mention, there are a number of climbing qualifications which can be obtained for those looking to excel and cement their skillset, as well as yearly military climbing competition seasons for all abilities.

We build military climbing walls

We’ve manufactured climbing walls for the following armed services:

  • Royal Navy
  • Royal Marines
  • Army
  • Royal Air Force

From indoor bouldering and roped climbing walls, to towers which replicate natural rock or building facades, we will work with you to design, produce, and install a custom climbing wall for your military base. You choose the style you’d like, and we’ll take it from there.

We can even match the colours of your military climbing wall to your unit – and add an emblem or crest to boost your team’s sense of morale and belonging.

We’ve sponsored military climbing competitions for 20 years!

Aside from manufacturing military climbing walls, EP Climbing has proudly sponsored military climbing competitions since 2003. We’re honoured to support to our armed services with their annual bouldering and lead competition seasons, providing prizes and even judging certain rounds.

What type of climbing wall would be right for my military base?

We can build climbing walls and climbing towers which are designed to imitate natural rock, complete with ledges and cracks, and even buildings. Or if you prefer to go down the traditional route, we can also create bespoke bouldering and roped climbing walls for your military unit.

Military bouldering walls

Bouldering combines balance, strength, and technique to complete a short but challenging sequence of moves, known as ‘problems’. A sociable form of climbing, bouldering is great for group sessions – perfect for boosting team morale and improving communication. As with roped climbing, the difficulty of your military bouldering wall can be adapted based on the capabilities of your team.

At around 4 metres high, bouldering walls are an ideal solution for spaces without a great deal of height. No ropes or harnesses are used in bouldering and as such, thick safety matting is required at the foot of the wall.

Roped climbing walls for armed forces

Roped climbing walls allow your team to climb as high as possible with the safety of a rope, enabling them to push their physical abilities and improve confidence, whilst also gaining ropework skills. The use of ropes likewise makes challenges accessible to all, with climbing difficulty varying from beginner to more complex depending on the needs of your group.

Requiring a minimum height of 6-10 metres, roped walls can be installed either outdoors or indoors. Indoor walls are typically constructed at one end of a multi-sports hall, using very little floor space which allows for other training activities to take place when not in use. Fold-away safety matting can be fitted to further maximise space.

Roped walls may be used for either top rope or leading, with the added option of being equipped with TRUBLUE auto belays – to enable climbers to ascend without the need for a partner.

Military climbing wall packages include all necessary equipment, such as ropes and harnesses, plus our team will train dedicated members of your group to operate the wall safely.

Real rock simulation walls for the military

Perfect training for the field, climbing walls that replicate natural rocks provide a more authentic and adventurous feel to climbing on an artificial wall. Complete with features such as ledges and cracks, climbers can learn and practise placing traditional climbing protection. Like roped walls, rock simulation walls can be climbed either with ropes or TRUBLUE auto belays.

Made from resin, walls that replicate real rock are built to withstand the elements of the Great British weather.

We’re not only a military climbing wall manufacturer!

Aside from manufacturing your military climbing wall, our dedicated team will also take care of your annual maintenance, ensuring that your walls are fit for purpose and giving you peace of mind that your team are climbing under safe conditions.


EP Climbing produces not only climbing walls, but also the holds, macros, and volumes needed to create exciting and testing challenges for your group.

As an International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) Authorised Producer, you can rest assured that our holds are of the utmost quality. In addition to providing you with climbing holds, our specialist routesetters can create tailored challenges for your military climbing walls.


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