Tactical training: The best for your physical trainingMilitary climbing walls aim to replicate real operational conditions (from natural rock to building façades) for an optimal training environment. They are designed to cater to different types of training: climbing, belaying and rescue techniques, teamwork, and more.

Does EP have the skills to meet military needs?

EP Climbing is proud to work closely with many organisations worldwide and to deliver bespoke solutions that match the specific requirements of each structure. Also, we can provide you training structures for group or individual training.

Why choose climbing for your training sessions?

The benefits of climbing are many. This discipline is complete and trains many skills, both mental and physical.


  • Develops coordination

  • Increase fitness level

  • Develops physical strengths

  • Develops cardio


  • Increase concentration & decision making

  • Increase self-confidence

  • Reduces stress

  • Group cooperation skills

  • Communication skills

  • Problem-solving


Why a climbing tower or a climbing wall?

We can create walls and towers made to recreate natural conditions. Several options are available for total immersion, including:

- Imitation rock

- Addition of cracks

We also recommend the more traditional climbing walls (with our MozaiK technology), which allow you to plan several areas of different difficulty. The route setting can be regularly changed with holds and EP volumes, which can evolve according to the training you want and the skills of your teams.

Moreover, the walls can be made with the colours of your unit, coat of arms etc... which will reinforce the feeling of belonging of all your team members and collaborators.


Turnkey services:

As our teams are regularly trained and our network is large, we can offer you the following services, for greater peace of mind:

- Route setting

- Annual maintenance of your wall to stay in line with the Climbing standard

- Bringing your old walls back into conformity

You have chosen Head Rush devices? We are certified as a maintenance centre for your devices.




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