Wyn Skillpark Switzerland, Europe

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Project Description

A Ninja parcour designed by the first Ninja Warrior of France Thomas Ballet, an olympic TITAN boulder, 3 Clift systems, Wyn Skillpark offers a climbing space full of experiences.

Project Statistics

  • Location : Salgesch, Switzerland

  • Date : October 2023

  • Wall Type : Lead wall, Boulder wall, Clip' n Climb, Ninja

  • Total surface : 1340 m²

    • Lead wall : 248 m²

    • Boulder wall : 175 m²

    • Children boulder : 85 m²

  • Technology : MozaiK

Wyn Skillpark Wyn Skillpark Wyn Skillpark

EP Climbing recently accomplished a groundbreaking project at WynSkill Park in Switzerland, elevating the standards for adventure parks as indoor climbing facilities. The successful installation at WynSkill Park brings to light EP Climbing's commitment to providing diverse and innovative climbing hubs.

The park represents EP Climbing's first project incorporating mixed specialties, including Ninja, Clip and Climbing.

The Olympic boulder, Titan is a focal point, equipped with three Clift interactive systems. We collaborated with Gautier Supper, a routesetter and Olympic Coach, to select holds and open climbing routes, ensuring a diverse and challenging climbing experience.

The facility boasts 15 lines of Clip ‘n Climb, featuring the Champions Series, Prima, Premium, and Dual Challenges, offering a varied and exciting climbing landscape. Their children's area designed specially for young climbers is a highlight as this section features a slide and a variety of holds, safeguarded with Trublue auto-belay systems. Complementing this are two Ninja Warrior and parkour courses, designed under expert guidance of Thomas Ballet, the first Ninja Warrior France and a sports climber. This adds that extra layer of thrill to a climbing centre.

We went beyond conventional climbing installations in designing the Warrior courses, including the impressive TITAN, working together with the mentors like Ballet and Supper. Noteworthy is the inclusion of sporty and fun Clip ‘n Climb, demonstrating EP Climbing's expertise in building entertaining climbing activities.

The WynSkill Park is not just a climbing gym

It is a complete recreational destination, offering a restaurant, 70 dormitories, and wellness amenities. What sets this arena apart is its multi-activity courses, catering to thrill seekers with a range of disciplines.

In conclusion, EP Climbing's project at WynSkill Park reflects a paradigm shift in the indoor climbing experience. It seamlessly combines innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to providing an authentic and diverse space for adventure lovers of all ages and skill levels.

WynSkill Park is a dynamic and inclusive entertainment park which adds another badge of honour for us as the leading Climbing Wall Manufacturer.

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