Shahdol City Public Project India, Asia

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Project Description

Shahdol city project is the biggest climbing facility ever constructed in Indian subcontinent.  The facility consists of IFSC certified Speed wall, lead and bouldering walls, along with 3 training walls behind the main wall. This state-of-the-art climbing facility is capable of hosting international events like world cups.

Project Statistics

  • Location: Shahdol City, India
  • Date: September 2023
  • Wall type: Lead, Speed, Boulder and training walls
    • Lead: 295m2+
    • Boulder: 150m2+
    • Speed: 93m2+
    • Training walls: 80m2+
  • Technology: Mozaik XP
Shahdol City Public Project Shahdol City Public Project Shahdol City Public Project

The Shahdol City Project represents a monumental leap forward in climbing infrastructure across the Indian subcontinent, setting a new standard for state-of-the-art facilities. This expansive venue has been meticulously designed to meet international event specifications, capable of hosting prestigious competitions like world cups. It features a comprehensive array of climbing amenities, including IFSC-certified Speed, lead, and bouldering walls, complemented by three specialized training walls situated behind the main structure.

Every aspect of this facility adheres meticulously to international standards set by IFSC and strictly follows the EN standard for climbing structures, ensuring safety and performance excellence. By establishing such a cutting-edge climbing facility, the Shahdol City Project aims to catalyze interest and participation in sport climbing among India's young and adventurous population. It provides a high-performance training environment accessible to climbers of all ages and skill levels, fostering a culture of enthusiasm and achievement within the climbing community.

Through this initiative, the Shahdol City Project not only promotes active engagement in climbing but also celebrates the dedication and passion of climbers, positioning India as a hub for climbing excellence and innovation within the global climbing community.

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