Just Climb Reggio Italy, Europe

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Project Description

Just Climb is one of the biggest climbing gyms in Italy, and includes the 3 climbing disciplines in its facility. From the Tokyo bouldering wall to lead walls, pasing through the 2 speed lines, this centre is adapted to ages and all climbers profiles.

Project Statistics

  • Location : Reggio Emilia, Italy
  • Date : October 2021
  • Wall type : Leed, speed and Titan boulder
  • Climbing surface : 1100 m²
    • Lead : 745 m²
    • Speed : 160 m²
    • Boulder : 175 m²
  • Height : 17m
  • Technology : MozaiK indoor

Interview with Andrea Baschieri, Gym coordinator

Welcome to Just Climb, Italy's premier climbing gym and our proud venture.

Just Climb Reggio Just Climb Reggio Just Climb Reggio

Established in 2021 in the heart of Reggio Emilia, the gym exemplifies EP Climbing's dedication to making climbing accessible to all. It has already become a hub for climbers, offering courses and making strides in inclusivity by welcoming climbers with disabilities.

Just Climb emerged from the passion and determination to make climbing a sport accessible to everyone. Andrea Baschieri, the gym coordinator, reflects on the humble beginnings, “The project was born from bar grumble. Simple climbing enthusiasts who felt the need to do something important and concrete for the city of Reggio Emilia. We tried to turn this grumble into an idea and this idea has turned into Just Climb today.”

The gym not only serves as a testing ground for professionals and athletes but also as a vibrant playground for amateurs, and beginners of all ages. Spanning 1,150 square meters, the arena features vertical walls for rope climbing reaching up to 17 meters in height, as well as bouldering and training areas. Boasting 90 lead and 70 bouldering routes, the walls provide a diverse and challenging environment for climbers of all levels.

Our Olympic marvel, the Tokyo boulder is there to elevate climbing experience of everyday climbers, honing their skills to higher grades. Just Climb is also Just Green, emphasizing a zero-impact ecological footprint. “We do not allow shortcuts on this issue” is their sincere approach.

The project that originated from the passion of climbing lovers who sought to make a meaningful contribution to the city of Reggio Emilia has become a thriving reality. EP Climbing's expertise as climbing wall manufacturer and technical support were pivotal in bringing the vision to life. 

Baschieri expresses gratitude: "Today I have to say thank you to Entre-prises for what our structure offers to the Reggio area. We are really happy with the solutions chosen for our gym."

As Just Climb marks its second year, it stands as a symbol of our mission to bring climbing to everyone. It continues to evolve, not only as a climbing center but as a community that fosters a love for climbing while embracing principles of accessibility, sustainability, and environmental consciousness.

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