IFSC Bern World Championships 2023 Switzerland, Europe

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Project Description

EP Climbing has been chosen, due to its expertise and partnership with IFSC, to build, design and install the walls for the 2023 IFSC World Championships in Bern.

The TITAN boulder, designed by EP Climbing in collaboration with the IFSC, made its official competitive debut at this competition, and will be used at Paris 2024 Climbing venue.

Project Statistics

  • Location : Bern, Switzerland

  • Date : August 2023

  • Wall type : Lead, speed and bouldering

  • Climbing surface : 577 m²

  • Technology : MozaiK

The TITAN boulder, a collaborative masterpiece by EP Climbing and the IFSC, made its grand debut at this very competition.

IFSC Bern World Championships 2023 IFSC Bern World Championships 2023 IFSC Bern World Championships 2023

PostFinance Arena, the biggest ice hockey stadium of Switzerland with a 15-year history of hosting prestigious events, extended its arms to welcome sport climbing for the very first time. With its towering ceilings and state-of-the-art air-conditioning, it became the perfect platform for the historic climbing world championship. Entre-prises faced the monumental task of transforming this closed arena into a colossal climbing playground. By overcoming the logistical hurdles of moving the massive structure indoors, the competition walls were erected swiftly in just few days.

The walls were carefully crafted for accessibility and safety of para-climbers. The lead wall featured a unique twist – it had no volumes offering full flexibility for route setting. Just like a painter creating a masterpiece with just three primary colors of holds (resembling the logo of Bern 2023). Additionally, the walls were T-nut-free and had removable belay points. The additional 5-degree incline at the top of the lead wall introduced a higher level of difficulty for the competitors.

The climbing competition venue attracted an immense audience of 42,000 sport lovers who came together to witness and cheer for the climbing champions. With EP at the heart of it all, the stadium felt the adrenaline rush of the crowd as the athletes boasted their remarkable performances and won their Olympic tickets.

We are committed to crafting revolutionary climbing walls and pioneering innovations in indoor wall design. Successful competitive events like this serve as a testament to our expertise as the leading climbing wall supplier.

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