CIME - Complexe International Multisport Escalade France, Europe

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Project Description

With its 6,400 m², the CIME has the largest indoor climbing area in Europe and a multi-sport area for parasport. The project was presented for the department's candidacy for the 2024 Olympic Games.

CIME is ready to become France's reference in climbing, and to make Troyes the city of climbing. Professionals and amateurs can train on the walls that would host international competitions on the 3 main disciplines : lead, speed and bouldering with seatings for up to 500 people.

The center is also dedicated to handisports but their main focus is sport climbing as a rapidly expanding discipline since its debut on the Olympic Games.

Project Statistics

  • Location : Troyes, France
  • Climbing area : 2000 sqm
    • Speed wall: 90 sqm
    • Lead wall: 1315 sqm
    • Boulder walls : 300 sqm
    • Training area : 111 sqm
    • Initiation area : 359 sqm
  • Maximum height : 18 m
  • Date : 24 June 2023
  • Wall type : Lead wall, speed wall, boulder wall, competition and initiation

Road to Paris 2024

CIME - Complexe International Multisport Escalade CIME - Complexe International Multisport Escalade CIME - Complexe International Multisport Escalade

Climb the biggest ACS in a public facility in France, at international level. The complexe is a Training centre for international athletes built for the French Climbing Federation – FFME. For instance, the Japanese team picked the center as their base camp and they are not the only ones. The center is actually presented as the training center for the 2024 Olympic Games which walls would also be made by EP Climbing just like we made the walls for Tokyo 2020.

The walls are using EASYTOP® WALL relay system with 2 speed wall approved with rollers Perfect Descent. There is a timing system Deepron on the speed wall and 10cm carpet on the rope walls and 40cm carpet on the boulders.

The center will play a major role for the Olympic Games, but it is especially made for after the games as climbing exploded after Tokyo 2021, it is likely to have the same succes after Paris 2024. As the biggest center in France, it is the place to be in order to progress in climbing. CIME in collaboration with FFME, trusted EP Climbing with such a heavy project.

If you are interested in reading more about this project you can check out this article : Troyes : un complexe d'escalade de niveau mondial en 2023 (

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